How Would You Feel If This Was Your Family?

How Would You Feel If This Was Your Family?
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Fox News – Host of ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’ says criminals now have ‘permission’ to break the law.

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It will take nothing less than a miracle to turn this nation around.

Lawlessness in this country is “allowed,” that’s a problem.

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yup the democrats have completely destroyed civilized america.

Everything the democrats are about reminds me of last year when the democrats all over California were buying guns. they were all angry they could not take their guns home with them the day they paid for them. they were angry at having to fill out forms and give up all sorts of personal information. they were angry that they had to wait until the police had approved some of their forms before they could even pay for their guns so they could start their waiting period.

Yup the democrats / liberals were angry about all the gun laws, data collection, background checks, waiting periods.

those same liberals / democrats woudl have been screaming about needing more gun laws and more restrictions if they had not wanted to buy a gun. they did not even know what they gun laws were but they were sure they should have more because their party said there should be more right up until the minute they wanted to buy a gun.

then their response was what is all this gun law garbage about?

that is the way all of these liberal / democrat progressive people are. they don;t know what they are talking about. they don’t know the current laws. all they know is their team D said follow this!

these same idiot follower democrats like to call the conservative followers

Democrats / liberals / progressives: time to look in the mirror. there is a fool staring back at you.