How Can She Fix the Border Crisis When She Compared ICE to the KKK?

How Can She Fix the Border Crisis When She Compared ICE to the KKK?

Breitbart News – Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) briefed reporters Friday during a Senate delegation trip to the. U.S.-Mexico border.

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The real tragedy is Biden really didn’t win the election…the real tragedy is this isn’t the United States of America anymore…but I’m not supposed to say or think that.

She’s marching the kids into concentration camps. Who’s hitler here.

How scary would it be if she became president!!!!!!

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Craig Murphy

But, this article is not even reaching the threshold question and that is this: why would the Biden administration want to fix a result it wanted in the first place? It has achieved or is achieving what it wants, to wit: total chaos on the border resulting in unmanageable invasion.

Why is the following question not being posed: how is this not treason?

charles wilkins

If you choose to accept this assignment gentleman the main goal will be to save that 200 million Hunter received from my friends at communist China, the Biden family is counting on you, naturally all records of this conversation are destroyed. Title five must never come into play. “In one of his very first acts as president, Joe Biden appointed someone called Nicholas McQuaid to run the DOJ’s Criminal Division, the all-important Criminal Division. Turns out that’s the same Criminal Division that’s currently investigating Biden’s son, Hunter. So, who is this Nicholas McQuaid exactly? Well, this show can tell you that he is a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s new criminal defense attorney, a man called Christopher Clark,” Carlson said last week. “Hunter Biden apparently hired Clark in December to help him with a federal investigation into his business dealings, the criminal investigation that the DOJ is conducting.” “Both McQuaid and Clark were law partners together at Latham and Watkins, they worked on the same cases right up until McQuaid took the job at the Department of Justice,” Carlson continued. “On January 21st of this year, the same day, Nicholas McQuaid was featured in a Justice Department press release, Latham and Watkins filed a motion in court to withdraw McQuade as an attorney he was working on with Christopher Clark. So that means Joe Biden put as the head of the Criminal Division, the partner of the guy his son had hired to defend him against the Criminal Division.”

Jo anelo

The better comparison is ANTIFA and Black Lives only Matter is more like the KKK. They are all true Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party just like before the civil war.

Stacy Dougherty

Killary Hillary Clinton the 2 x loser for sure with her dirty dossier that Obama race card man gladly welcomed open the great divide for a two tier government just like the civil war era. We are in a civil war folks and its no time to sit back and watch keep fighting our very liberties are on line!!