Horrifying Scene Shows Largest Group of Migrants to Date…

Horrifying Scene Shows Largest Gorup of Migrants to Date...
Image From Video Below...

The Next News Network – Elie Cantin-Nantel from the Post Millennial reports, A video posted to Twitter showing drone footage of hundreds of illegals crossing into the United States from Mexico has garnered attention from many across social media.

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i would take that as a act of war vs we the people. aiding and abeding illeagals is 100% treason.

As a Canadian I can’t cross into the USA or I’ll go to jail… maybe I’ll fly to Mexico and walk across the border, get a free bus ticket to Vegas baby 🤘😼☝️

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Edward Vagnoni

I don’t count Biden, and the Democrats, as a legal group, (nitwits), running the country. We should all ignore any orders from them, and if we all do it, they can’t overcome us. There is nothing that they have done, or will do that helps our country. As is is in Arizona, it is in all the other states, a crooked election, that placed a retarded man as POTUS, and a do nothing Laughing Jackass as V.P..They put a lot of people out of work, and closed so many small businesses that they should be charged a traitors, and shot at dawn. The people who do like him, and the dems, don’t even know how to raise their children. When a 7, and 5 year old, sits at the dinner table, and flips the bird at both parents, and says, “I’m not gonna eat that, or I’m not going to do what I’m told”, have children who will grow up and cause problems for all of society. There goes another stupid generation, who won’t be able to function as adults, and as valuable members of society.