Hilarious to See: Biden Gets Triggered After Seeing ‘Trump Won’ Signs…

Hilarious to See: Biden Gets Triggered After Seeing 'Trump Won' Signs...
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Charlie Kirk – Biden Gets Triggered After Seeing“Trump Won” Signs During Michigan Visit

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Get it straight Joe. 81 million votes, not Americans, put you in office.

Boy the sound of 15 people clapping, even that can’t drown out Biden’s voice.

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Robert Richey

I had rather think he knows eighty-one million people really didn’t vote for him than to know his mind is that far gone. Poor old demented Joe will be remembered as the guy who ruined the greatest country ever when he was not cognizant of what was going on.


Of course, he claims “81 million Americans”(???) voted for him that got him into office. That’s what he’s being told. I still don’t see how Americans can be that stupid and get it all wrong on this one. Talk about buyers’ remorse. Thank GOD I was NOT one of them.