Hilarious: Psaki, This Has Been Anything but a Success…

Hilarious: Psaki, This Has Been Anything but a Success...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Anything But A Success.

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Hate to ask again Patriots but , Who Else Dislikes the ” Biden Administration ” ?

Biden is not a failure, everything he does is by design. To screw up this monumentally is not a realistic option, this is Obama 2.0 on steroids.

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They should take Biden and his whole crew and drop them at the Kabul airport and let the Taliban take care of the Garbage Libraturds


Unfortunately, all the Democrats have is LIES. Joe the imbecile racist white privileged asshole did the Democrat ‘thing’ on Afghanistan, LIE and when caught LYING gave the Mother of all LIES. Democrats and FAKE NEWS media/Democrat ECHO CHAMBER/Democrat propaganda network ‘own’ the Pinocchio awards which are awarded to LYING PIECES OF CRAP.


Asshole Milley should do the Borda ‘thing.’ But ass kissing cowards don’t know what HONOR is.


Hidenbiden, his generals,milley,austin,blinken,sullivan,mckenzie and all other minions, that planned this diasterous,withdrawal, that left thousands behind enemy lines of the terrorists, need to removed from office, for total incompetency. They need to be traded to the taliban, for all hostages, they left behind to be executed, they caused this total debacle, and need to right it.