Hilarious Memes After Trump’s Hospital Release

Fortunately, President Trump seemed unscathed from the coronavirus as he emerged from the hospital days after contracting it. Unluckily for the Dems, they could only ride on to the hilarious memes to amuse themselves.

President Trump was discharged on October 5 at Walter Reed Hospital after showing steady improvement. It’s still unlikely for him to get rid of the coronavirus at that point, yet seems to have beaten the worst part of it.

Media men, biased as they are, were triggered even just the mere act of the president walking out of the hospital. Some outlets even compared the walk to an autocracy.

It was clear they only wish for him not to recover so easily.


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Displeased with the outcome, some made hilarious memes to poke fun at their expense.

COVID-19 indeed bears no match for the strong man, ready to resume his stance. Unstoppable, isn’t he?