Hilarious: Defunding the Police Goes Terribly Wrong in Texas…

Hilarious: Defunding the Police Goes Terribly Wrong in Texas...
Image from video below...

Conservative Twins – Defunding The Police Goes Wrong In Texas..?

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Dying of Covid-19 doesn’t scare me as much as voting Democrat after I’m dead.

Starting September 1st Texans can legally carry hand guns without a license..

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Defund the Democrat Party.. Only illegal’s, Muslims, fools and dead people vote Democrat.


Those dumbocraps are a hoot aren’t they? This death party,open border party,illegal immigrant party,anti=american party, is doomed in the next elections, in landslides. Watch the meltdown in living color.


I can almost guarantee there will be very little gun play after Sept 1st in Texas. If everyone carries a hand gun then the criminals no longer have the upper hand.
chicago is a perfect example of criminals with guns, they are the only ones that carry, its illegal for Joe Citizen to have a gun with some of the strongest gun laws in the country, so only criminals and the cops carry guns.
if everyone carries, no more BLM/Antifa they would be concerned they no longer had the upper hand.
I believe its time to defund the left and their political party which includes many companies, banks, football, and basketball teams, not to forget all of Hollywood, I have stopped supporting any actor that thinks they are politicians.
I have already cancelled both Twitter and Facebook never to go back, maybe its time all true American’s do the same.
so many ads on TV now only have black people in them leaving out any other, I have stopped supporting them as they no longer want any other business.
I did a lot of business with CA.WA. OR. PA, GA, WI, and MI, I no longer do business with anyone in those states, I have found vendors to replace all of them.
my new moto is “Just Trump-it”


Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the democrat voters.