Hilarious Clip: Biden Yells His 4th of July Speech…

Hilarious Clip: Biden Yells His 4th of July Speech...
Image from video below...

The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden yells his 4th of July speech.

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Not only is this guy completely off the rails he’s downright scary.pray for America.

He was whispering at the podium just last week. He’s a lunatic.

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Gerald S Ladd

I tried to watch the clip, but I got sick. As Buggs Bunny said, what a maroon!


The “BIG GUY” has aalways been bad… but the media would say Joe being Joe.. in other words a jerk… Obumo aid if anyone could mess up something… HERE”SJ +sEC gATES said Joe kknows nothing about foreighn policiy now we know all he needed to know is how to get the $$$ Crude, Corrupt is Old Joe.. but he is a Dem and that means he is great…OE


How long do we have to listen to this bumbling,buffoon, who is an embarrassment, to america, and our allies around the world. He is the laughing stock around the world, our adversaries are walking all over this spineless,frail,weak,senile,old fool, puppet, that doesn’t have a clue, what he is doing, and done.LOL


a pedophile criminal is ole Creepy Joe

Grumpy Veteran

Adolf Biden