Hilarious: Biden, ‘I’m Thrilled to Meet Your Wife’…

Hilarious: Biden, 'I'm Thrilled to Meet Your Wife'...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Hilarious: Biden, ‘I’m Thrilled to Meet Your Wife’…

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like a slap in the face to every LEGAL voter in the US

He’s SO embarrassing ! NOT MY PRESIDENT! I don’t want the world to think we are ALL stupid!


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Gerald S Ladd

The drooling fool is an asshole no matter where he is!


What’s so sad and bizarre is that Biden doesn’t even know what a dumb ass he really is.


Oh, don’t worry about the world thinking we are stupid, just because Biden’s been a complete clown during this G-7 meeting – from breaking protocol and insulting the Queen, to creating a secession crisis for the UK with his ignorant remarks on Scottish and Northern Irish political issues, to queering Britain’s commercial negotiations with the EU (on a matter in which the USA has absolutely no interest or cause to get involved). He’s fumbled a question about having called Putin a “killer”, groped Boris Johnson’s wife (plus the remarks in the video) and attacked various reporters for asking him tough questions (like, uh, “how’s your visit going thus far” – which so rattled him that he got disoriented and had to be escorted by his wife because he lost his way in a restaurant, to the loud amusement of the witnesses). See, the reason the world won’t think we’re stupid is because our mainstream media continues to assure us and the world that Biden has been a smashing success. Oh, wait… that just makes us look even more ridiculous… Gad, we’re doomed. We’ve got a senile hand puppet for a President and a VP who can’t even find the US-Mexico border, let alone fix the mess the aforesaid hand puppet created there.