Hilarious: Biden Gets Asked About Inflation…

Hilarious: Biden Gets Asked About Inflation...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden gets asked about inflation…

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“You understand what I’m saying.” Nope. Not a fucking word of it.

This guy can’t even repeat the lies he is told to say any longer.

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What a moron. inflation has gone through the roof. He still doesn’t get it.


WTF? More money = more people with money to spend = reduced inflation? WTF? Where did this guy get his economic education? Oh, NOT “spend”, “reinvest”. It’s that “reinvestment” which will drive down inflation, BUT, when this extra money is basically causing people to forego employment, there’s neither money nor resources for “reinvestment” and “expansion”. It’s gobbledygook and idiocies repeated long enough to make the ignorant and inattentive think stuff is okay. Bottomline, if there are two people with $5.00 to spend on bread and only one loaf of bread available, bread will sell for $5.00. If you have 2 people with $5.00 and two loaves of bread, it will sell for $5.00. NOW, if you have 2 people with the money and 3 loaves of bread, THEN prices go down. But all these stimuli are doing is spreading the bucks around and actually preventing the economy from restarting (and the constant talk about reinstituting lockdowns is not going to convince anyone to gamble their own cash on the economy). This is a disaster and the only person who’s gonna benefit is… Hunter Biden (and 10% for the “Old Man”).

Gideon Rockwell

Everyone consider the history of the Democrat Crime Cartel. And that is what they are, a massive criminal; organization posing as a political party. They have never done one single thing productive in the interest of the nation or it’s citizens. They have no issues to run on unless there is a national crisis and usually those crisis are of their creation. Their solutions to the crisis are always a bigger issue than the original crisis. And the solutions always windup lining the pockets of the Democrats or their family members. And their solutions windup inflicting pain and suffering on We the People. The Dems are a sadistic, self serving criminal organization.


what a ridiculous word salad from the gibbering idiot. Thanks again, Bitards! This one’s on you!