Here’s Where Rioters Learn Their Hate

Here's Where Rioters Learn Their Hate
Image From James Lindsay, relevant white dude Twitter Post Below.

How extremely annoying it is to sit back and watch a person of authority lecturing on peddling racism in a crowd. Weren’t they addressing themselves as proclaimed progressives? Well, their acts certainly don’t do justice to their label.

It is all back to square one when a person of interest is speaking that people of one particular race are nothing more than sub-humans. The idea was clear and loud. It was imperative to scrub off the venom that has been contaminating the country with gruesome politics. It started generations back, and pulling the stops now is a need of the hour. Didn’t we all wage war or two against the discerning issue?

Unfortunately, racism is back with a bang. Brimming with vengeance and hatred, it is even sadder to watch the Democrats embrace the hate. They are continually adding fuel to the fire. The Democrats’ propaganda is destructive as they continually sow the seeds of critical race theory in people. Instead of working on measures to encourage peace, the Democrats are busy speaking of how the ‘Whites’ are horribly racist.

Now you know why BLM protests are raging nationwide. They are torching down buildings, beating up cops, killing white people, and doing everything in their ability to plague the country in a state of anarchy.

If you are unsure about what critical race theory really suggests, here’s a clue. The theory preaches people to keep their eyes on the prize, set a target, tear them down, and start paving the way for the Leftists to rule.

They were cheering for the success of 100 nights of riots in Portland and tossing Molotov cocktails. Of course, the joyous celebration topples into a disaster.

Do you know how the Encyclopedia Britannica describes it?

The critical theory could be a new term for many. However, it is a Marxist inspired theory, deep sowed in the political, philosophical, and social pages. The work is very well preserved in the Frankfurt School.

The theory, drawn up by Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud, clearly says that the ways to overcome social structures acting as obstructions must first be figured out. The idea is to create ways to bring reform and combat the systems, causing oppression by the ones in power.

Democrat activists gather in large numbers at the Netroots Nation. It was meant to be a so-called progressive convention but was entirely different. The convention was doomed with people clamoring nothing but hate. Netroots Nation was hosted by Markos Moulitsas, in August.

Eminent personalities of the political circles such as Attorney General Keith Ellison of Minnesota made it to the event. Others present as a few secretaries of states, Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra, Ayanna Presley, Oman, and a few more.

The police commented that the Antifa hit-man stalked and watched on the pro-Trump supporter before shooting him down. 

Now famous as ‘Hunter Ashleigh, Ashleigh Shackelford created an attractive presentation as a speaker and a trainer, forging ahead to seep racism in a sizeable progressive crowd.

Since nothing seems to not make it on Twitter or any other social media platforms these days, the presentation was posted online. A user named ‘Conceptual James’ attached snapshots of the display Hunter Ashleigh had introduced. It was two colorful posters, both posing the importance of critical race theory. However, it was not the posters that poisoned the minds. It was her speech that left people dumb-founded for quite some time.

A video showcasing Shackelford’s lecture in a gathering trended in social media, leaving people shell-shocked at the blatant encouragement of racism.

Here’s how Hunter started her lecturing session. Look around and see that no one steps out of the room for being labeled as ‘Demons,’ ‘Racists,’ or ‘Sub-Humans.’ Remember, those supporting anti-capitalism wants you to foot the bills of privilege.

There’s no doubt that all white people are outright racists. She bluntly remarked in a room full of progressive men and women, with a few white people among them. She was not ashamed to say that this is a real-world problem we are dealing with. ‘I am saying it loud and clear, right on your face,’ said Hunter.

‘We are not gathered to discuss ways to figure out if there’s a middle ground, or we can settle and work it out. Whites like you and millions of others are cold-hearted racists. You are born to be inhuman. The white supremacy needs to be torn down, and you should be reborn as humans.’

That was quite a show, presented by Hunter Ashleigh.

There’s only been a series of backlash ever since. At least, now we know how the spark in rioters does not fade off. Hatred is being injected into them. The minds of rioters are poisoned, and the Democrats have a joyride watching the states burn.