Here’s What the Media Is Not Telling You on COVID Origins…

Here's What the Media is Not Telling You on COVID Origins...
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– During Tuesday’s Senate Health Committee hearing, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci on whether he agrees with a one-time statement from Dr. David Baltimore that features of COVID-19 make the case for a “smoking gun” that it does not have natural origins, which Fauci pointed out Baltimore has since backtracked on but would not affirmatively say he himself disagrees with.

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It appears these “experts “ did not come prepared to answer questions.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about Senator”, Fauci plays dumb, everyone listening certainly knows

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Rediculous!!! Fauci has no credibility left. He doesn’t know what you’re talking about because he doesn’t want to know. He has learned how to NOT answer a question. Just like a Politician.
We know what our Government is trying to do with this China Virus. And I am hoping that we have learned by now that is a lot of lying Politicians trying to grasp power. And deceiving USA Citizens the whole time. The CDC is not telling the full truth. Of course, one Child Death is too many. But, we don’t see the same finagling when it comes to Child Deaths from the Flu. 450 Child Deaths from the Flu in the most recent 12 months on record. In the 18 months of China Virus, 312 Child Deaths. We are not masking up for the Flu. We are not making insane mandates on Citizens to accept Forced Vaccinations using a Vaccine that is approved for Emergency use ONLY. So, nobody knows, or, is saying that this Vaccine is safe, or works for every person in every situation and circumstance.
The Government, not just the Fed, but, all the State, County, City and Municipal Governments in the USA must stop the BS with this virus. We, The USA Citizens, must not stand for the idiocy that has been FORCED on us throughout this Pandemic and with Civil Unrest, Crime Increase, Criminally Open Borders insanity and Disrespect and Reduction in our Law Enforcement Agencies. We must Demand our Politicians and “Leaders” serve us better. And that they Honor our U.S Constitution, Each State Constitution, The Laws and Customs of the USA and our Right to Sovereignty without Fail ALWAYS.


MalcolmX,“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.”


He doesn’t just play dumb, he is a dumbass old prune asshole!