Here’s the Sick Thing in Biden’s Tax Plan…

Here's the Sick Thing in Biden's Tax Plan...
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The Next News Network – Ari Hoffman from The Post Millennial reports, Senator John Kennedy (R- LA) joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday night to discuss Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s plan to tax unrealized capital gains as income. Yellen’s idea is that people’s assets should be taxed on their increase in value even if they haven’t sold those assets and realized that value in cash.

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This is appalling. Leave the working class people alone. This administration is pure evil. They have done nothing good for the middle class.

Yellen/JB want to force regular people OUT OF THEIR HOMES by taxing home owners to pay tax on inflated, appreciated, unrealized ‘paper-# gains’ on their homes! Yellen has got to GO!

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Stacy Dougherty

The Biden administration “wants” to add 87 thousand new IRS agents! Really how many millionaires are there? Do they really make just $600.00 deposits? This is totally uncalled for to do! Hey has anyone had enough of communism yet!