Here’s the One Piece of Good News from Biden’s Failure…

Here's the One Piece of Good News from Biden's Failure...
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– President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been criticized all across the political aisle as an utter disaster. But Bill O’Reilly joins Glenn to share the one piece of “good news” that he believes has come from this failure: “Biden’s DONE. His credibility is shot.

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Americans who support Biden after our fallen soldiers is “Low Life”.

General Michael Flynn is correct. All of them, all of them involved in this debacle sould be fired.

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Hidenbiden,and his entire administration, should be removed from office, there so incompetent, this disaster couldn’t of been any more bungled, that they did already. Their such failures the American people have lost faith in this entire system of corruption in this administration. They need to be removed from office,then arrested and charged with treason and espionage.


The problem is Democrat voters have the brain of a NAT, they do not look at the world around them. They watch the fake news and believe all their lies, just like now all Bidens disastrous calls [THE BORDER, COVID, AND NOW AFGANISTAN], why to Biden and h all his Democrat followers, why it is all Trumps fault, what a bunch morons they are, I know a few, they are smart but very gullible when it comes to the news or they just vote Democrat because they come from Democrat family 80 years ago how smart is that, no different than most blacks. I am 77 years old and I remember how my dad back in the early sixties [ I was in high school] was telling me how great Jackie Kennedy was and I said, I do not think so [at the time she was showing off all the expensive crystal she bought for the White House] all I see is her spending our taxpayer money on Bull SHIT, he did not like that. GOD BLESS THE FREE USA

Hugh Brockman

At least when Jackie left the White House she didn’t steal all the expensive decorations, silverware and china like the Clintons did.


The truth is that he never had any credibility. He’s been a phony his whole career yet they kept electing him. He accomplished nada his whole career and continues to do so.


That Beijing Joseph Russell O’biden is gonna be COURT MARSHLLED and IMPRISONED for the rest of his LIFE. And is well lose ALL of his Benefits , Retirement and Stripped of his Title of Pretending President.