Here’s the Latest Cause for Concern in Liberal Cities…

Here's the Latest Cause for Concern in Liberal Cities...
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Fox News – ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host examines homelessness and rising crime plaguing US cities

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We have politicians living like kings and queens, while our citizens are living like this. DEFUND POLITICIANS!!!

Can we start calling them “Bidenvilles?”

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Hidenbiden, in his state of dementia, is unfit,unstable,unhinged,disturbed, puppet that has thrown our country in a state of emergency. People are dying in biden’s lawless land, he is breaking our law of the land, and some one needs to stop this open border, invasion of America. This adminstration needs to be removed, their corrupt as hell,and every sees it. Every department is corrupt,and breaking the law, so they need removing, how ever needed.