Here’s the Exact Moment This Biden Voter Realized He Should Have Voted for Trump

Here's the Exact Moment This Biden Voter Realized He Should Have Voted for Trump

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, A young Democrat voter in Minnesota complained to CNN about a lot of promises unkept by Joe Biden and the Democrat party.

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President Donald Trump. Promises made, promises kept.

Biden is there only to destroy this country and not to help the American people PERIOD !

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Reino Linne

There has not been a True Democrat since they bumped off the Kennedy Brothers, remember one of JFK comments, ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the Country, we only have Socialist posing as Democrats, whey want to take over the our Country, eliminate our rights and dominate our thoughts. Isn’t this what you have learned for the past few weeks they have been in power? Tell me I am wrong!


Democrats are showing their real political malfunction based on lies, shenaniganry, lust of power using all means.. Real democratic people loving their country and the constitution should leave their party before seeing their country crumbling under the invasions of worldwide conquerors. They need a president fighting for their security and well-being. A Republican Party led by President Trump is the only answer. He is not a fascist or white supremacist. It is the big lie used by the communists to lure the population and get her under their complete domination. 

charles wilkins

Don’t visit our nations Capitol, Democrats in fear, armed soldiers, poison food, graffiti on streets Biden could be on the loose, Republicans jailed! Stay away Danger Will Robinson, Danger, “Taxes everywhere”