Here’s Biden Telling Another Story that Makes No Sense…

Here's Biden Telling Another Story that Makes No Sense...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden keeps telling stories from his past activities that don’t make any sense with anything.

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Hey Joe tell the story how you abandoned Americans in Afghanistan. Marines never forget or forgive

Hey Joe. Tell us a story about Hunter and his brother’s daughter.

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Senility so apparent! He’ll focus on this story time after time, because his memory has peeled back to that time frame in his life. Those memories are “fresh” now, but they will drop away, as older memories emerge and seem to him to be important. When those with senility tell stories, they seem to think everyone around them is interested or even share the memory hole with them. So sad, but really, take him off the stage! I know no one wants Harris to take the stage, but it really is time.


all I can say, as with everything else this senile poser says. “HUH?”