Here’s What’s Really Going On With USPS Mailboxes

Here's What's Really Going On With USPS Mailboxes
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Huffington Post recently published an article with a headline – USPS began removing mailboxes and shutting down the letter-sorting machines as the mail-in voting nears. The decisions are from Trump’s Postmaster, while the USPS also warned 46 states that mail-in ballots might not arrive on time, potentially canceling such votes.

The article targets President Trump, stating that the Postmaster’s decisions are indirectly from him.

The left-wing conspiracies started weaving in the frontlines of the mainstream media houses, claiming that President Trump’s sole objective is to steal the lower-income communities’ votes.

Even Joe Biden added more weight on the subject as he recently stated:

It seems like you are trying to hold down your mailboxes, and they are going around with tractor trailers to pick up the mailboxes from you. If you don’t believe, you must check it online what they are actually doing in Oregon. It’s a total bizarre!

Breitbart tried to shed light on the truth, saying Democrats have already heavily invested in multiple misleading news to people. They falsely claimed that the president is disabling the US Postal Service so that it won’t be able to handle the mail-in voting in November and even forcing to remove the mailbox.

The truth is that the US Post Office does its routine maintenance on every facet of its infrastructure, and mailboxes are not exceptions. The blue mailboxes that we see around the country are made of steel and painted blue.

The total number of present blue-colored mailboxes is 142,000. When these mailboxes are left out for decades, it’s quite evident that they begin to rust and need to be replaced.

One of the two photos that have gone viral over the weekend showed a locking cover over the opening of the bank of mailboxes, and the picture came with the caption: “A disgrace and immediate threat to American democracy. Shame on them. Shame on the GOP.”

But the truth is that these locks are only used in the high-crime areas to reduce the number of thefts. Now, you might have realized how dedicatedly Democrat-led media houses are working to mislead people with false information.

With the shipping industry’s overall advancement and boom throughout the last decade, the USPS is shrinking its operations and slowly becoming obsolete.

The agency already decided to remove hundreds of mail-sorting machines, some portions to be scrapped, and others to be sent for periodical maintenance. But this has nothing to do and will not affect the mail-in voting as US Postal Service has already stated that it cannot handle the massive volume of universal mail-in ballots.

One thing is clear that it’s not because of the infrastructure; instead, the vast capacity is the reason behind the inability of USPS to handle the mail-in vote venture.

Joel Pollak, the writer of Breitbart, wrote that the US Postal Service had been a significant problem for years, and are continually losing money.

In 2000, the Postmaster General decided to implement a five-day-per week mail delivery service to cut costs. Then-President Obama constantly criticized the Postal Service of failing to keep up with the public companies.

The Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration decided to close nearly 3,700 locations and cut almost 12,000 postal jobs.

The ongoing cost management has also included the idea of removing mailboxes from the areas where only a few people deposit mails.