Here are the RINOs who Just Voted Against Your Gun Rights

Here are the RINOs who Just Voted Against Your Gun Rights

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, The Democrat-led House on Thursday passed a gun control bill to expand background checks with a vote of 227-203.

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Meanwhile these RINOS live with or walk around armed security. Clean house, the less RINOs the better we are

From what I see Maria Salazar has upset her constituency. She isn’t the worst, but she has proven she isn’t the best, so she must go.

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I do care what it costs but all these back stabbers must go and right now! enough! the new red wave of fighters is coming and the likes of McConnell and his ilk are over! save us from having to throw you out and just leave? the fight for the G.O.P. is on and we take no rino’s in.

Stacy Dougherty

The filibuster must not pass cuz if so then they are going to shove in HR1 Which will disenfranchise all voters! In other words this will destroy the integrity of the peoples honor system of voting! Then getting rid of the Rino’s which is so needed in the Republican party may not be so easy as to just vote them out!


I totally agree. People like McConnell should be kicked out of congress and lose their outrageous pensions. McConnell screwed everything up in his attempt to make President Trump look bad and has done nothing but shift back and forth in order to try to make himself look good. McConnell is either totally gutless or he’s a socialist traitor. Take your pick.


aAlready have maded my pick and you can guess what it is. TRUMP 2020 and 2024!!!!

John J

Dump them all, we need a solid Republican party for 2022 and 2024 elections


Forgive me for asking but isn’t this considered a infringement of our right to bear arms which would require a change in the Constitution of the United States.


We really don’t have to kick them out, The republican party should be able to just refuse to let them claim Republican by their name. Let them claim independent or what ever they align with. By letting them claim (R) when they are running they beat out real republicans because of name recognition.
Republican Party is in charge of this They can take away this R and financial backing from the party, their call but their will be no monies for the Party until they purge their rolls just like states need to purge their voter rolls. Get rid of the dead weight. Donations to individual candidates ONLY! Chair-people of the Republican party at all levels can you hear me!


The Republican Party of my parents who first voted in 1932 and continued to vote for only Republican candidates until their passing in 1992/94 is unrecognizable today. Until 2017 when Donald Trump took office and quickly laid waste to the party as we knew it, supported it, and loved it, my entire family were the staunchest Republicans in the TriState area ( NY/NJ/and Connecticut). Our last family reunion in 2019 which comprised over 158 family members of voting age, every single one of them had switched parties, EVERY SINGLE ONE, mostly to the Democratic Party but a few became Independents ( who swore to never again vote for a Republican. Because the large majority of our family have stayed in touch with their Republican friends, I have learned that many of these folks have also given up on the Republican Party. I won’t go into the reasons for this mass exit other than to say that it was largely because of Trump and the many Senators who are blind the damage Trump has done to the party and the country. Most confessed they were embarrassed now to be associated with the party that they supported all of their lives both financially and intellectually. Almost to a man and a woman they felt they were betrayed by Trump and the party; they wanted no part of the stink that’s enveloped over 60% of their once beloved Republican Party. Such is the damage to party and country that is the legacy of Donald J.Trump (and his greedy self centered family).

Suzette Petillo

Give me a break. Should we VOTE them out, gary???? Like we voted Trump in in 2020.
Is everybody stupid?
This is ridiculous

Pat K Dietrich

R Roth, what drugs are you on? Trump was great for this country & will win again.!You need a brain !