He Will Build the Wall Anyways: Texas Governor Defies Biden…

He Will Build the Wall Anyways: Texas Governor Defies Biden...
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The Next News Network – 100% Fed Up reports, In an invigorating display of patriotism, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has pledged to ‘build border barriers‘ along Texas’ southern international border with Mexico. This comes in the aftermath of the Biden regime suspending funding for President Trump’s border security project. This news comes at the same time border crossings on America’s southern flank have reached two-decade highs.

Top Comments:

This is why we have such a housing crisis. All the affordable places are occupied by immigrants.

It has to be done. The amount of drugs and orphans coming through the border is so exorbitant. We need to back to the lawful process. Plain and simple. We need to filter anyone that wants to come here FROM ANY COUNTRY.

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