He Murdered A Trump Supporter, Feds Shot Him Dead

He Murdered A Trump Supporter, Feds Shot Him Dead
Image credit to wikibious.com. Image modified from original.

Michael Reinoehl, an active Antifa supporter, was accused of shooting Aaron Danielson amid a protest in Portland, Oregon. Danielson was a right-wing activist and a fond supporter of the Patriot Prayer.

Officers of the Federal Fugitive task took to fatal firing and shot Reinoehl around 7:30 in the evening. According to the statement released by Lt. Ray Brady of the County Sheriff’s Department in Thurston, the Marshalls dropped by the area to take Michael (the accused) into custody. To secure the perimeters, Reinoehl was surrounded by the officers.

Michael chose not to surrender, pulled out his gun, and aimed at a US Marshal officer. Since Reinoehl resisted from being arrested and pointed a loaded weapon at the officer on duty, four of the Marshals fired and shot the accused to death.

Post checking, it was confirmed that Reinoehl was dead on the spot. Fortunately, none of the officers were injured.

The Portland police played a significant role in the investigation of the murder of Aaron Danielson last Saturday. Post a detailed investigation, it was confirmed that Michael Reinoehl pulled the trigger and shot Danielson. The Department issued an arrest warrant against charges of murder on Thursday.

Michael Reinoehl, the accused Antifa activist, did not shudder to voice and support the group. Antifa is assumed to be quintessentially a staged group, organized by the left-wing eggheads. An arrest warrant for Reinoehl did not involve jumping into a conclusion. After much digging, statements on record by his sister April and the analysis done by the Law Enforcement Department, an arrest warrant for the accused was issued.

Reinoehl did appear in an interview, aired by Vice News, late Thursday. He claimed that shooting Danielson was an act of self-defense. ‘I had a slim choice. I could either hide, sit, and watch my friend being shot because of his color or pull the trigger myself,’ commented Michael.

The statement was reckoned vague and not accurate. If it was an honest comment, why was Michael spotted in the suburbs of Olympia, in Lacey? He dwells somewhere near Portland.

April, Reinoehl’s estranged sister, commented that she was expecting to hear the news of her brother’s arrest or death in some time. However, she was taken by a surprise that it was the US Marshalls task force that pulled the trigger, and not a bunch of people who probably had a contractor paid to kill Michael.

Of course, the press was looking to bag-in comments from the Portland Police department. Unfortunately, the officials did not return calls or made remarks on the night of Reinoehl’s shooting.

The fatal incident was first reported by the New York Times.

Sometime early on Thursday, President Trump expressed his concern and restlessness regarding the arrest of Reinoehl. Michael seemed to roam around the country with a free pass, stirring nothing but trouble in states that are already battling anarchy. This man had to be arrested at the earliest to stop him from causing any other baneful nuances.

‘Aaron Jay Danielson was shot to death by a heartless and cold-blooded murderer. Why is Michael Reinoehl being given a free pass? What is the Portland Police waiting for? His arrest warrant has been issued,’ tweeted by President Trump.

The President was angry and agitated. He further tweeted, ‘The Portland Police must do what their job demands. Sitting back and waiting for the man to show-up is outright foolishness. Everyone in the country knows that the gunman was none other than Michael. Why isn’t the Portland Police Department serving the purpose of being on the job? No wonder the state is spiraling down with anarchy and vandalism.’

On the other hand, Joey Gibson, the leading man of Patriot Prayer, the right-win group, was interviewed by the Portland Radio station. He made it very clear that reclining in rest doesn’t seem right until justice has been served.