He Closes it Down and Literally Dances in the Empty Streets.

Image Screenshot From Twitter Video Below.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio wasn’t any clearer when he emphasized prohibiting tourists at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The shows were televised for home viewers.

In case someone missed the announcement, the city erected barricades to prevent the pedestrians from entering. Only the show’s performers were allowed, along with a handful of carefully selected frontline workers.

And of course, just like every Dem leader who bend the rules to their will, the mayor himself was exempted from the order. De Blasio’s office tweeted photos of the mayor dancing with his wife downtown in Times Square, with the deserted streets as an eerie background.

The tweet and the attached footage sparked massive outrage on social media, where several angry users lambasted de Blasio for being a hypocrite. The mayor is the latest to bend and break his own COVID-19 restrictions imposed on the rest of the population.

Once fiercely criticizing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mismanagement of the pandemic, Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean typified several responses on de Blasio’s blunder, tweeting, “Celebrations in Times Square for me, but not for thee!”

Other users noted the mayor’s public pronouncements’ absurdity about the city’s current pandemic state with his open celebration.

Even liberal network CNN was stupefied in the spectacle, where obviously intoxicated host Andy Cohen exclaimed, “Do something with this city! Honestly, get it together!” after seeing shots of de Blasio dancing.

The show’s co-host Anderson Cooper couldn’t help but add, “God. Goodness.”

New York’s eerily post-apocalyptic scene of a deserted Times Square on Thursday night was another spot across the globe depicting how the pandemic still haunts people’s lives to this day, as intensified by the liberal’s never-ending mandates.

On the other hand, the Chinese laugh at us as thousands filled up Wuhan, China’s streets, to celebrate the New Year’s bash.