Have Masks Been Effective? Let’s Take a look at the Data

Have Masks Been Effective? Let’s Take a look at the Data

Do masks really work?

Its usage and effectivity have been put into question recently when President Trump caught the coronavirus.

Critics blamed him for his lax attitude towards wearing masks. The same crowd threw a hissy fit when the president drove outside Walter Reed even if everyone wore a mask.

Did they suddenly doubt their mask’s effectivity?

Ultimately, what we all ask is, “Do masks prevent the spread of COVID-19?”

Succeeding charts would give us a concrete answer. The charts show daily new COVID-19 cases vs. mask mandates.

A surge in cases is still apparent in Hawaii, even with existing mask mandates.

With mask mandates imposed starting from April in Los Angeles, May in San Diego, and June in Orange, Ventura, and San Diego counties in California, the cases only started to go down by the end of July.

Kansas imposed mask mandates on August 5, yet, daily new cases still increase.

Outside the US, Peru shows a similar pattern. Cases went down in June, but a second wave started in August.

The charts show that even when mask mandates exist, assuming that the population follows the restrictions, the daily COVID-19 cases still increased. Take a look at all the charts at Rational Ground to compare other countries’ cases.