Hasbro Pulls Trolls Doll Because Of Uproar Over Hidden Button

Hasbro Pulls Trolls Doll Because Of Uproar Over Hidden Button
Image Screenshot From White Elephant Theory YouTube Video Below.

Toys have been around for decades, but hardly would you come across controversial ones.

The brand Hasbro manufacture dolls that are both colorful and cute. However, one of its most recent product had to be removed from the shelves. Hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition, demanding the dolls to be taken off the market.

The reason for the outrage lies on a wrongly positioned button of the toy. The doll’s design features a button that is hidden between its legs, which, when pressed, makes the doll wiggle and gasp.

Most parents believe that the positioning of the button is revolting, and found to be a cause for child abuse. Multiple troll videos with the doll signing and moving in action went viral.

One of the mothers seriously concerns how different sounds were linked with each button pressed on the doll. For example, pressing the button on the belly makes the doll sing. On the other hand, pressing the hidden button between its legs makes it gasp and giggle in a weird noise. The difference between the sounds makes it very disturbing for both parents and children.

A Video that Went Viral

A young mother gifted the doll to her daughter on her birthday. Her daughter was turning two, and the toy was meant to be a surprise. Nevertheless, she and her daughter had a disconcerting experience with the toy. They chose to capture their experience with the toy in a video.

The mother claims that the toy came with instructions and demonstrated the button on its belly. Pressing the button on the stomach makes the doll produce ten different sounds and phrases. The box mentioned only this button. It didn’t state about other buttons.

The delighted mother purchased the doll and brought it home. Her husband decided to inspect the new toy at home, which was to be gifted to their daughter. He started hearing weird noises from the toy upon inspection. When they listened to the sounds, the parents began to investigate the toy further.

After inspecting, they spotted an extra button located on her private part. When the button is pressed, the toy makes strange noises, including a lengthy “wee,” a gasp, and even an excited giggle. All of these sounds make the Hasbro doll an inappropriate “toy” for children.

Several times, parents tend to ignore buttons similar to this, and may not even be a big deal. However, the idea of having such components in the toy is disgusting and absolutely unfitting for children. For this reason, the mother decided to revisit the store and investigate the other dolls. The mother strongly believes it immoral.

Where did it go wrong? 

First and foremost, the doll’s features, including all the buttons, need to be disclosed in the box. This piece of information is missing in this Hasbro toy. The box doesn’t say anything about the button in the private part. Also, the noises made by the dolls are sexual, making it disturbing and disgusting.

Other Parents! 

Multiple videos and tweets on how “horrible” the doll is, has surfaced. Most parents agree that the toy is revolting. They slammed the brand across social media networking sites.

Consequently, Hasbro was asked to remove its latest Troll doll from shelves. Parents said that everyone involved in creating these dolls is sick, and needs to be punished. The entire idea behind such a toy is horrifying. These designers believe that making kids think pedophilia is perfectly fine. But it is not!

All these parents extremely discourage everyone from buying this product.