Has He Gone Too Far? Sleepy, Creepy Biden…

Has He Gone Too Far? Sleepy, Creepy Biden…

On Friday, Doctor Sebastian Gorka, the Former Deputy Assistant to former President Donald Trump, sat down for an interview on Newsmax TV.

As President Joe Biden announced his six actions for gun control, he had mistakenly said “AFT” more than once, instead of “ATF” which stands for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

“Today, I’m proud to nominate David Chipman to serve as the director of the AFT. David knows the AFT well,” Biden had said

“The gun-grabbing program that he has introduced is no different than any other socialist gun-grabbing program won’t stop mass shootings, and it targets the law-abiding and not criminals. Your thoughts?” host Chris Salcedo asked.

Calling the president “sleepy, creepy, Beijing Biden,” Gorka responded that he had tweeted out a question for his followers the day before: “Are you going to let Biden disarm you like Hitler disarmed the Jews and like Stalin disarmed his subjects?”

Gorka continued, calling Biden “senile,” a “doddering old fool,” and “very, very unwise.” 

“People understand what he said yesterday—that there are no amendments that are absolute—is war. It is an assault on our Constitution. And there’s a reason our founding fathers made that the Second Amendment, Chris, because it guarantees all the others, including freedom of speech,” Gorka explained.

He added that as soon as he could pick up a gun, his father had taught him how to shoot because “that is the ultimate guarantor of our freedom.”

Continuing on, Salcedo said, “President Trump did the work. He crafted the policies that secured our border, made a major dent in illegal immigration, and stopped the human tragedy that we’re now seeing—children being sexually assaulted in Biden’s detention facilities.”

“How frustrating is it for a guy like you to watch Biden undo the years of pro-American work that the Trump administration put together?” he asked, before adding that “Biden destroys it in a matter of weeks.”

In response, Gorka says that it isn’t frustrating. Instead, it makes him “livid,” because his parents were “real refugees,” and it made him angry “to hear what Biden has done.”

According to Gorka, five hundred children cross the border every day. About 60 to 80 percent of the women and children are being “trafficked, sexually abused, and raped.” People are “being abused day in, day out, toddlers being thrown off rocks, children being thrown off 30-foot high fences,” all because of Joe Biden.

“Every single rape, every assault, every death is on Biden’s watch and on his hands,” he added.

“If they really cared for the children, if they really cared for immigrants, the greatest thing they could do is to finish building the wall,” Gorka claimed. “Right now, his policies—Biden is making billions of dollars for the drug traffickers, for the coyotes, for the cartels. And they are creating mass human tragedy.”

“They couldn’t care less about the disaster, the human suffering. They just think this is how they get to amnesty, millions of illegal aliens, and staying in power forever and create a one-party state,” Gorka continued. “It should outrage all Americans.”

“It’s time to take back our country,” he concluded.

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William Simpson


Lorraine E Blazich

How many joe bidens are there? Is he still alive? Are all of his speeches nothing more than images projected on a green screen to deceive us? Nothing is real about our illegally appointed president. Who are his handlers? Where is he? Is he in his basement or in Hollywood? Nothing the corporate media spews out makes any sense at all. Everything reported about Joe biden appears to be all LIES and created videos to brain wash the American people into believing that old Joe is alive and in control of our country. Watch the garbage presented by the corporate media and decide for yourself if they have any credibility at all.

Briben biden

Biden, obummer, peeloosly, schiff face and Schumer are asking for a civil war and they are going to get one.


have to include the clintons, and bushes

Bart Ohama

Joe the JOKE is still an ILLEGITIMATE president. Investigation of the election will prove the Democrats voted themselves into office with millions of illegal votes. Their Plan A, banning Trump from the media an LYING, failed so the had to use Plan B, cheating.

John J

Alzheimer’s Boy is America’s worst emeny