Hannity: I’m Having a Hard Time with This…

Hannity I'm Having a Hard Time with This...
Image From Video Below...

Fox News – ‘Hannity’ host reacts to the situation in Afghanistan after ISIS-coordinated terror attacks on U.S. servicemen

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The whole shame is such a disgusting piece of work the whole Demonrat party needs to be held accountable for from Biden on down who aided and abetted him in stealing the office in the first place. This is one of the most crooked debacles in our history and no one in government is doing anything about it which makes them all culpable.

The Burgie

Don: So you think Trump is a “good guy”? Trump is a “communist sympathizer”! Look how he sucked up to Putin on network TV and how loving he was with Kim Jong Un! North Korea is restarting their nuclear weapons program”! Trump failed at many things! Casinos, his airline, covid19, and his failed coup attempt!