Gun Toting Couple To Take Part In GOP Convention

Gun Toting Couple To Take Part In GOP Convention
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The St. Louis couple who threatened Black Lives Matter supporters with guns will appear on the upcoming Republican Convention to demonstrate their support for Donald Trump.

A spokesperson of Donald Trump has confirmed the news of Patricia and Mark McCloskey’s participation last Monday. It will be a week-long virtual event to secure more votes for Donald Trump, in order to win the White House race on the November 3rd election.

The McCloskey couple was charged with the felony of unlawful use of a weapon, when the couple confronted a Black Lives Matter protest in front of their house in an upscale Missouri neighborhood with guns back on June 28.

President Donald Trump took the side of the gun-toting McCloskey couple, blasting the prosecutor who charged the couple with a felony. Trump said that prosecutor was “absurd” and accused her of “extreme abuse of power.”

The McCloskey husband and wife, who are both personal injury attorneys in their 60s, stood in front of their home in St. Louis and pointed their guns at the Black Lives Matter protesters who were marching there peacefully.

The footage of the incident shows the couple yelling as the BLM protestors walk past their residence.

The couple in the footage are seen pacing back and forth in front of their house door with their weapons raised and pointed at the BLM rally.

Patricia is seen holding a pistol. She comes forward to get closer to the BLM protesters in an attempt to talk to them as some of them stand and argue.

According to other demonstrators, Patricia told them, “Go,” with a gun pointed at them, while her husband watched from their front door with his rifle aimed.

However, no shots were fired during the whole incident.

On July 20, St. Louis-based circuit attorney Kim Gardner, also a Democrat, charged the aged couple with the felony of unlawful use of weapons for displaying guns during the peaceful BLM protest.

The couple claimed that they felt threatened as the demonstrators were also carrying guns and some of them had even threatened to kill them.

The couple also stated that the protesters had forced their way into the gated community where the couple resides. The entire scenario was terrifying to the couple.

The demonstrators have completely denied the allegations made by the McCloskey couple. Reverend Darryl Gray, one of the leaders of that particular rally, said that it was an open community and no one broke any gate there as it was a peaceful protest.

The couple also went forward by filing a notion to disqualify Gardner from pushing charges against them, after it appeared that Gardner had mentioned this case in potential material for her re-election campaign.

The McCloskey couple stated that Attorney Gardner is purposefully taking the side of the criminals who were trespassing on their private property.

Trump placed himself into this matter by accusing Gardner of abusing her power by charging the couple with felony.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told the reporters on July 21 that President Trump is not happy with the incident, and that he told her Gardner’s charges are absolutely absurd.

According to President Trump, this was an absolute abuse of power by the prosecutor. There had been many cases of violence reported, but she failed to charge those violent rioters, instead charging people who were defending themselves from the violent BLM protestors.

The couple were charged with class E felony. For that, the couple could end up in prison for four years. This was a heavy charge given to the couple by Gardner.