Grounds for Impeachment! Obama’s Latest Revelation About Biden…

Grounds for Impeachment! Obama's Latest Revelation About Biden...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Have you felt like you’re living through Obama’s third term as president? There may be some truth to that. During a recent interview, Obama said that Joe is working with his former staff to ‘finish’ the job. Doesn’t that sound like Biden is carrying on Obama’s vision?

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Not news Brother it’s quite obvious, especially when barry says it himself.

It’s Obama’s third term & Carter’s second term all rolled into one nightmare.

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Hidenbiden, the lying,corrupt,racist,sexual perv,puppet, has done more than enough to be impeached. He has endangered our national security, he has aided the cartels, with his open borders, he has endangered all americans. Time to remove this mentally ,incompetent,senile,frail,old fool, destroying America.


Why did obama say this, cause he is hoping biden is taken out so his really puppet can take over and then continue more actively destroying the USA from within. With biden out of the way, his puppet in charge and his previous administration still in power, he is doing what he started a decade ago.