Gretchen Whitmer gets sued for banning weddings

Gretchen Whitmer gets sued for banning weddings
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A lawsuit has been filed against the Governor of the state of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, for banning weddings.

Why are weddings banned?

Governor Whitmer, popularly called the “Lockdown Queen” these days, has limited all social gatherings as prevention against the pandemic crisis.

On June 1st, Whitmer issued an executive order, EO 2020-110. The order stated that all outdoor social gatherings with more than 100 people are prohibited.

Whitmer supporting the BLM protests

Banning weddings, on one hand, Whitmer encouraged and even participated in the BLM protest movements on the other.

Whitmer was seen marching shoulder-to-shoulder with the BLM protesters on the streets of Michigan shortly after the issuance of EO 2020-110. She has also expressed her willingness to support more meetings and protests to aid the cause of BLM.

In light of the recent events, the increasingly aggressive nature of the BLM protesters is a potential threat to the peace of the country. Apparently aware of the situation, Whitmer’s support for the cause could be seen as a Democratic agenda.

How would such a hypocritic behavior reflect on the character of the Democratic Governor?

Whitmer’s response to criticism

The people of Michigan were openly criticizing Whitmer for her actions. In response to these, Whitmer’s spokesperson argued that the protests and movements were protected by the state.

Whitmer seems to believe that anything the state or federal constitutions protect is justified, regardless of the potential threat it might pose to the country.

The lawsuit

In response to the Governor’s actions, a lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Michigan.

The lawsuit alleged that Whitmer promoted and participated in an outdoor social gathering exceeding more than 100 people. Furthermore, the incident took place not more than three days after Whitmer’s issuance of the EO 2020-110.

When questioned about her violation, Whitmer’s spokesperson argued that the gathering didn’t violate the EO because nothing in the order abridged protection guaranteed by the state or federal constitution.

The lawsuit also accused Whitmer’s willingness to allow uncontrolled and spontaneous social gatherings while prohibiting organized weddings.

Who filed the lawsuit?

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed the lawsuit against Whitmer’s order. AFLC took this step on behalf of Jay Carl, the manager of Baker Events LLC.

The events center was planning the wedding of David Vansolkema and Kiley Stuller. After installing all the necessary safety measures such as sanitation stations and air purifiers, the center received a notice.

The Ottawa County had sent a “cease and desist order” to the center, mentioning that weddings were not allowed.

In her order, the Governor exempted the places of religious worship. However, even though weddings involved ministers, the state contended that it was not a religious worship service.

Robert Muise’s opinion on the wedding bans

The AFLC was outraged at the ban on weddings. Robert Muise, the Senior Counsel of AFLC, went as far as to call the Governor’s order tyrannical.

According to Muise, Whitmer’s claim that wedding ceremonies were not religious worships wasn’t simply demonstrably false. It was also a dangerous attack on people’s religious freedom.

Muise quoted Benjamin Franklin, stating that those who gave up essential liberty for temporary safety deserved neither.

David Yerushalmi’s words on the matter

Yerushalmi, the famous American lawyer and political activist asserted that the AFLC would not bow to the vile idolatry of the Governor.

Whitmer’s encouragement for the nihilist violence in the name of the BLM movement while banning responsible religious worship disturbed Yerushalmi deeply. He believed the world to have turned upside down, and seemed confident about setting it right.

Changes are required

The citizens of the country have altered and restricted their lifestyles for too long for fear of the pandemic. Now that the COVID spread rates seem to be steadily declining keeping people in their homes could aggravate them.

If people are ready to take the necessary precautions and maintain social distancing, banning these activities is highly unreasonable and asking for trouble.

Although marriages are civil affairs, wedding ceremonies are considered a religious worship service and should be treated as one. Both the AFLC, as well as the public of Michigan, are looking forward to the success in the lawsuit.