Grade Black Students Differently? Washington University Agrees

Image credit to Flickr. Image modified from original.

INSANE! There’s no other word to describe the reality we all find ourselves in these days. As if things weren’t crazy enough, students at the University of Washington are demanding that black students be graded differently than the rest, and Washington University agrees!

In a letter to President Cauce of the University, demands were made. The letter wants the university to consider their black students as “disabled”.

In the letter:

The University has a legal duty to provide academic accommodations to its students with disabilities. The public slaying of Black bodies across our screens, the state-issued violence on our Black men and women, coupled with the disparate COVID-19 related impacts on Black health have left our Black student body psychologically debilitated and disabled. It is nearly impossible to divert energy and attention to anything else other than the attack on our Black community.

Washington University agrees with the letter. They think it’s a good idea to go ahead and pass their black students, regardless of their grades.

This decision was made after a petition gained 26,000 signatures. We are now, most definitely in the age of lies, how can any business trust a degree earned by black students on this basis?

Should all universities adopt a policy that allows black students to be graded differently? While the idea seems insane to most, Washington University seems to be bowing down to the mob.

Nicole McNichols, UW Psychology Professor supports the letter…

“Obviously, I support the petition and absolutely believe the accommodations it requests should be honored by all faculty. Students need all of the support and compassion we can afford to give them right now.”

To show her support she sends an email to her students which begins, “First, the remaining homework chapters are being put into review mode. Everyone will receive full points. Second, I have decided to drop everyone’s lowest exam score. This means that you may opt-out of taking Exam 3 if you just don’t feel up to it, (or if you [are] happy with your scores from exam 1 and 2).”

Steve Cioccolanti tweets “Only a White supremacist can be so condescending as to give me good grades because of my race.”

The demand letter goes on to ask for each professor to be removed of their freedom to grade black students using their own judgment

We understand professors are given freedom in grading choices, but to ensure equality among all students, there must be one overarching policy each professor must enforce.

Washington University believes that black students just need to be passed and that no professor should have the right to grade their black students in any manner other than passing. All black students must pass no matter what? If this policy is adopted by universities nationwide then we have another major problem. Defund the police and pass all black students, can we add anything else crazier to the national climate?