Governor Gavin Newsom Signs A Sick Equality Bill

Governor Gavin Newsom Signs A Sick Equality Bill
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California no longer automatically registers young adults as sex offenders engaging in oral or anal sex with a minor as young as age 14. Senate Bill 145 aimed to eliminate the disparity in California’s statutory rape laws between heterosexual pedophiles and the LGBTQ community, allowing the latter to enjoy the same.

Senate Bill 145 signed into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday night and will take effect on January 1 next year. Under the new law, ten-year older adults may engage in anal, oral, or any vaginal penetration other than with a penis, with teenagers as young as 14 years old.

Governor Newsom, known to be a liberal LGBTQ supporter, signed the SB 145 into law late Friday, drawing more praise from the said community. To others, however, it was viewed as radical support for gay pedophiles.

The law tries to eliminate the existing registration requirement of the sex offenders having oral and anal sex, and is applied in cases involving minors between 14 and 17 years old.

Current legislation permits a judge to make the final decision on cases where the minor and the adult, with a ten-year age gap, underwent vaginal intercourse. Yet, when the minor and the adult, also with a ten-year age gap, performs oral, anal, and any vaginal penetration other than with a penis, the latter automatically registers as an offender.

In the new legislation, the gay adult would no longer be automatically labeled as an offender since the judge still has the discretion to decide on the case.

Senator Scott Weiner, the author of Senate Bill 145, justifies that the bill was meant to promote fairness to the LGBTQ community by providing equal treatment.

The gay senator has also previously authored and supported bills in favor of gay lawbreakers. Senator Weiner endorsed a bill allowing HIV-AIDS carriers to engage in sex despite public health. HIV-AIDS carries who knew they had the virus can avoid criminal penalties under the bill and will only be penalized on a misdemeanor.

As a City Commissioner, Weiner also authored and supported a bill requiring nudists to cover their seats before sitting. While San Francisco is a liberal city, everyone agrees that public health should still be upheld, including the naked men, by covering the seat and wearing clothes before entering food establishments.

On Senate Bill 145, the argument remains that instead of charging pedophile sex offenders of heavier penalties, Weiner and Newsom chose to normalize it. Both legislators drew backlash from critics, saying they only encouraged pedophiles to target the children.

President Trump threw shade on the bill, tweeting “Children’s Lives Matter.”

Pedophiles, either straight or gay, got the “equality” that the bill aimed to promote. Instead of viewing it as an even score on all gender, why can’t we see it as a threat to our minors?