Gov Whitmer Has Her Most Cherished Powers Stripped Away…

Gov Whitmer Has Her Most Cherished Powers Stripped Away...
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– Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, For months, petitioners have been trying to take away Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers. The highest court in Michigan has intervened on this issue – twice, in favor of the petitioners.

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Another politician who’s guilty of treason and public endangerment…

We hear in Michigan want her taken away- Straight to prison!!

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Within a month of assuming her “emergency powers”, they were declared illegal and unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court. Witless basically ignored the Court, at most merely altering the way she enforced the same illegal orders (e.g., instead of the cops shutting your restaurant down for feeding people, she’d have her health dept. shut you down for being “unclean”). The Michigan SC never stayed, vacated, or modified that ruling. Indeed, it has reiterated (and expanded) it. Witless is not merely in contempt of court, she is a CRIMINAL. Only the D’s hold on the state’s government has given her the power to run rampant, substituting her own, little dictatorship for what was once the state of Michigan. It is time she was brought to account. WHERE are the State Police? Where is the State’s National Guard? These groups are sworn to uphold the state’s constitution. It is long past time for them to act. Do it.

We have the same situation in Oregon with Witless’ doppelganger (and Jerry Brown’s sister) in charge. As in Michigan, the measures she has undertaken to fight the “COVID pandemic” have been totally illegal under the very statutory authority she claims for her actions. It was not a few rowdies at the US Capitol, back on Jan. 6, which threatened American democracy. It’s the behavior of governors like these two (and toss in Newsom and Cuomo as well).