GOP Figures Out a Clever Way to ‘Cancel’ Biden’s Executive Orders…


In the State of South Dakota, the Republicans led the legislature to take a stand against the unconstitutional Executive Orders of the Biden Administration.

The South Dakota HB 1194 decided to take a step further by proposing a “Committee on Neutralization of Federal Laws” to review whether a proposed law or regulation is unconstitutional. 

Gateway Pundit reported that this committee “would determine the constitutionality of any given federal law and, if found wanting, would proceed to nullify it within the state.” If the Biden Administration were to trample on the rights of the American citizens, the committee would be able to intervene. 

The Washington Examiner detailed what was written on the bill: “The Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council may review any executive order issued by the President of the United States if the order has not been affirmed by a vote of the Congress of the United States and signed into law, as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States.”


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With the bill, they will set up a process for reviewing President Biden’s executive orders. These orders will first be sent; to the governor and attorney general to determine if it should be prohibited or declared unconstitutional. provided a six key-bulleted list of issues covered under the bill:

  1. Pandemics or other health emergencies. 
  2. The regulation of natural resources, including coal and oil. 
  3. The regulation of the agriculture industry. 
  4. The use of land. 
  5. The regulation of the financial sector as it relates to environmental, social, or governance standards. 
  6. The regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Hopefully, with the administration’s recent actions acting outside of the constitutional construct, this bill would be approved to nullify those laws and protect the American citizen’s rights.

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charles wilkins

Who is calling the shots at the white House ? Why is Biden off limits to the press? Why are the white house logs off limit to the public? Stick to your American ideals: The Biden’s have been caught in bed with the China Spy Rings,” Hunter” is now suppose to under investigation for working with Chinese spy rings. It’s apparent socialist Biden’s policies are not working, our country is in turmoil, beginning downslides of financial declines, in energy, employment, with total economic failures. Tax and spend, spend and tax is not a forward moving policy, it just points puts us in a quick trend towards total bankruptcy. Time for positive change, with leadership that can solve problems, not add to the false promise of fair, equal government control. The Biden’s have sold their American values for profit, power, and are now trying to hold that position of socialist, communist values at all cost. They are violating our Constitution, our principal, and most of all our American values. The Biden dictatorship is done, all are seeing the truth of their lies now, the worm is turning and America must return to it’s glory.


BRAVO!!! Thank you!

Grumpy Veteran

This is 100% TRUE! This is why THE PEOPLE MUST remove the senile sniffing fool from his office that he soils every day of the week, to include his entire traitor-filled excuse of an “administration”!! We ALSO MUST start arresting treasonous demorats who are pushing this UNCONSTITUTIONAL agenda!


Because Beijing O’ Biden is only a Puppet and Obama as the String puller. And the only way to get rid of Beijing O’Bidens EO’s is to IMPEACH & IMPRISON Beijing Joe And Knee Pads Harris.And put the REAL and DULY ELECTED POTUS Donald J. Trump in his rightful place in the WH and in the Oval Office.


Xiden has to go.


Buck Fiden!


Flip Flopa.