“Good Grades Are Racist” Says University of Connecticut School of Medicine

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The University of Connecticut School of Medicine is postponing its nominations to its honor to society due to— you guessed it! Racism. 

The school is afraid that merit-based criteria for members might be “racist” for Uconn’s chapter Alpha Omega the national honor society of medical schools across the United States, which was just established last year. The young group is already threatened for closure because of the relentless campus debates over the given criteria for admissions, a volume of woke people argued as racially biased.

5 members of the UConn faculty announced via email sent to the Washington Free Beacon. As outlined by the email, the UConn chapter’s board is briefly postponing admissions as it re-evaluates whether or not to disband the group as the decision was supported, according to the letter, by the school’s dean: 

“If we are going to directly address issues of social injustice, we should not continue biased practices while we make the overall decision on the future of the AΩA chapter.”

Leaders of many elite institutions began to say that a merit-based admissions policy may result in racially unequal outcomes. 

The New York Times, for example, recently published an op-ed arguing for ending blind auditions in America’s orchestras. Such moves indicate an overturning of decades of consensus that neutral meritocratic standards foster racial diversity and signal an institutional shift towards explicit racial quotas.

As Universities infected by liberal hysteria slowly morph into an angry reflection of a dividing country due to the assumption that institutions today, specifically educational institutions are racist, and if an institution were to be affiliated with “racism,” the entire left would not hesitate to depose these kinds of institutions. 

Would it also mean that all inequality is explainable by racism? That’s just outright unsustainable. It is not a good argument: the problem with the postponement of the criteria due to its delicate nature that may be borderline account The University of Connecticut School of Medicine racist. 

According to the letter: 

“Dear Students,

The selection process for AΩA, and even whether UConn School of Medicine should continue to sponsor a chapter of AΩA, have recently become a topic of vigorous debate among both students and faculty.

Comparison of minority student representation in our overall class to those selected for AΩA show a marked disparity with far fewer diversity students selected into AΩA. These disparities are clear and they are troubling. During the review conducted by our AΩA Board, by SOM leadership and by Education Council, it is clear that there is bias in the student AΩA selection.

It has been a requirement for student candidates to be selected from the top quartile of students as designated by the SOM. This process has been a national/ AΩA mandate and not a UConn SOM requirement. However, We recognize that this distinction itself may be influenced by implicit bias in grading and assessment of students. As a result, election to AΩA from this subset of students may amplify potential underlying inequities in our educational system and, in fact, honor those whom the current system may already privilege and benefit.

The SOM and AΩA recognize that the bias makes it necessary for us to seriously re-examine the pathway forward. We are committed to re-considering whether, on balance, the school should continue to sponsor an AΩA chapter or to abandon it. 

The decision will require a transparent process with extensive consultations. This larger decision process will require time. For this reason, the Uconn AΩA Board plans to suspend the AΩA selection process for the upcoming year. 

This Decision has received the unanimous support of the Education Council and the Dean. If we are going to directly address issues of social injustice, we should not continue biased practices while we make the overall decision on the future of the AΩA chapter. We will definitely engage with you and the faculty during this process.”

What is the metric? 

No statistic was publicly shown to support this letter or are innocent white students getting racially targeted by Leftist propaganda. 

News like this that pops every day is an eyesore. It almost seems like retaliation, mainly due to the faults of a few bad apples, innocent white students are being scrutinized.