Girl Slaughtered After Rapist Released Over COVID


The world has never been even or fair to women! There are multiple instances when women need to stay alert and go the extra mile just to remain safe. This became even more true when an accuser was killed by an alleged rapist.

To begin with, the rapist was sent to jail by the accuser. He was released from jail with COVID-19 as one of the reasons. His attorney claimed that the rapist would contract coronavirus if he was kept in custody. The moment he came out, the rapist chose to murder his accuser.

The Washington Post identifies the rapist as Ibrahim Bouaichi. He hunted and murdered Karla Dominquez, the accuser. Bouaichi was released from jail because he feared contracting the virus. The case went to such an extent where the lawyers also claimed that their client is at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

About Bouaichi

Bouaichi is from Venezuela. He had abducted Dominquez, and was charged for strangulation, abduction, and rape. The young lady was assaulted on the month of October, 2019. A case was filed against Bouaichi by Dominquez.

Nearly eleven days after the incident, Bouaichi presented himself to the authorities. He chose to turn himself into the police force. As a result, the judge decided to keep him in jail without any bonds. Soon, Bouaichi’s attorney requested the court for a bond. They strongly argued that the client would contract the Wuhan virus. They stressed on the fact that it would be difficult to maintain social distancing or any kind of safety measure in jail.

The lawyers and Bouaichi had made special arrangements to prove their case. As a part of the move, Bouaichi’s lawyers insisted that they would have to visit their client very often, and that these visits would expose them to the virus. Why? Because they would be in contact with many surfaces, and they would be breathing in contaminated air.

Amy Bertsch revealed that safety and cleanliness in the jail have improved by leaps and bounds in the past few months. Since March, health screening has become mandatory for everyone entering into the premises. During a client incarceration, the jail spokeswoman said that there are no cases of coronavirus in the region, let alone inside the jail. 

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the victim quoted the law in Virginia which says that there is no need for a bond when it comes to dangerous charges like rape and murder. These are violent crimes, and a bond should not be offered at any cost. However, the rapist and his attorney were able to secure a bond for just $25,000. Bouaichi was released under a nominal condition—he was not allowed to step out of his Maryland home. However, he was to be allowed to visit his attorney, and attend pre-trial services only. 

Yet it turns out that Bouaichi had different plans in mind. His bail was used for an entirely different purpose.

What happened to Alexandria? 

On the 29th of July, Bouaichi rushed to Alexandria’s home. Her home was located towards West End. In her home, Bouaichi shot and killed the young lady. Around six in the morning, gunshots were heard from Alexandria’s home. The young lady was found dead outside her apartment with multiple wounds on her body. 

Locating Bouaichi

The police officials had to locate Bouaichi. Thus, they asked for the help of the locals. The police following Alexandria’s case spotted Bouaichi on a Wednesday morning. Soon, the officials and federal marshals hunted him down. The chase ended with a massive car crash. Bouaichi was seen with gunshot wounds which are believed to be self-inflicted. 

By the end of Friday, Bouaichi was marked as a patient in critical condition by the Virginia Hospital. 

What could have gone better? 

It is quite evident that the murder of Alexandria could have been avoided if Bouaichi was not given the privilege of a bond. Bryan Porter, the Commonwealth attorney representing Alexandria, said that he and his client didn’t have any clue about the charges given to Bouaichi. He stated that a request to revoke Bouachi’s bond would have been raised. 

On the other hand, very little is known about Alexandria. Many claim that she is a native of Venezuela, but there was no one to take over her funeral. As a result, the GoFundMe fundraiser program raised $6000 for Alexandria’s funeral.