Ghislaine Maxwell’s Latest Attempt to Escape Prison Just Backfired

The Next News Network – Mike Brest from Washington Examiner reports, A federal judge ruled against Ghislaine Maxwell’s third attempt for bail Monday. Maxwell’s latest proposition, giving up her French and British citizenship, among other things, would not change U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan’s assessment that the British socialite with ties to the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is a flight risk.

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When is she gonna name them all? Im waiting to hear bill n killary

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Stacy Dougherty

No doubt Maxwell is a flight risk! Finally hearing some good common sense by a lower court Judge!

Old wolf

Iam surprised she wasn’t killed yet like her other half was … in a jail cell … guess old Billy boy and Hillary are worried about that too . We know old Billy boy was there and now word has it Hillary was to . They say she likes little girls to . But that’s only word say so ….. but I won’t put anything passed her , she is one sick bitch ifn ya ask me