Georgia: 1000 People Double-Voted In The Primaries

Georgia: 1000 People Double-Voted In The Primaries

Georgia Secretary of the State Brad Raffensperger recently confirmed that there were 1000 voters who voted twice in the primary in June. He strongly believes that the double voting felony will be prosecuted against those 1000 voters to the utmost extent of the law.

According to Raffensperger’s statement given to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there were 1000 voters who sent absentee ballots but also cast their in-person vote on election day.

The people who voted twice are definitely not innocent, as they are completely aware that the double vote would manipulate the final result, which goes against the voting law that each voter is supposed to follow. Those who tried to change the voting system by breaking the law will not be tolerated and a strong legal action will be taken against those people, Reffensperger said during a press conference.

The Journal-Constitution further investigated this issue and found that there were almost 150,000 people who had asked for absentee ballots, but came to vote in person on election day as they didn’t receive the mail-in ballots on time. However, the group of 1000 voters received their absentee ballots on time, returned it with their votes, and also came to the poll to cast their votes in person.

We all know that there has been an on-going debate over the mail-in voting for the Presidential election on November 3. The Democrats are strongly pushing for the mail-in voting, while President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans strongly oppose the idea of mail-in voting, worrying about the potential mail-in voting frauds.

The Democrats are weaponizing the coronavirus pandemic to inject fear into the minds of the voters, to discourage them from going out to vote in person. President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr firmly believe that the mail-in voting system would encourage voter fraud during the November election.

Last week, President Trump suggested for the citizens of North Carolina to test the integrity of the voting system. How? Well, they should do mail-in ballots, and at the same time, they should also vote in person. It seems like the president is telling them to repeat what happened in Georgia during the June primary.

What the president meant is that the mail-in voting system is full of fraud and mistakes. If the mail-in voting worked the way the Democrats always claim, it would have simply prevented the double voters at the poll in Georgia’s primary.

What happened in Georgia strongly supports the Republicans’ claims regarding the fraudulent activities associated with the mail-in voting system.

Raffensperger made one thing clear — the 1000 double votes did not change the final result of the primary, but he and the local prosecutors will punish the double voters. Double voting in Georgia is a highly punishable offense, to which offenders could end up facing a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and end up paying a fine of up to $100,000. Scott Hogan, The Democratic Party’s executive director in Georgia, simply denied the fraud in the Georgia election and accused Raffensperger of pushing a conspiracy theory to misguide voters about the mail-in voting system.

In an interview with CNN, Attorney General William Barr said that the US is a closely divided country, and people have to have the confidence in the legitimacy of the government. The people trying to change the rules of this methodology are playing with fire.