Fund And Defend The Police!

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The so-called “Defund The Police” campaign, popularly known in social media, remains irrelevant according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll initiated weeks after the surge of protests, displayed support for policing reforms as voters dismissed the notion of defunding the Police. 

In the poll, conducted from Friday to Sunday, a combined 59% claim that police departments within the country require significant reforms (37%) or an overhaul (22%). 1-in-4, (27%) claim that police departments need a minor revision, and only 5% consider they don’t require any reforms.

On the contrary, the support shown does not directly translate to “Defund the Police,” which most social justice warriors claim is about reforming law enforcement as much or more than arranging budget cuts. 

According to a 2-to-1 margin, voters oppose the “Defund the Police” campaign (57%) than support it (29%). More than 4-in-10, 43% strongly oppose the movement.

“While nearly 60 percent agree police departments require major reforms, voters remain skeptical of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement,” according to Kyle Dropp, chief research officer and co-founder of Morning Consult.

The gap indicates the atmosphere of the electorate 3 weeks after the death George Floyd puts both political parties on high alert:

Republicans, including our President, are arranging reforms to policing — while Democrats, including Joe Biden, are keeping the activists calling for localities to “Defund the Police” at arm’s length.

The majority of Democratic voters, 82%, consider police departments require an overhaul or significant reforms, opposed to 33% of Republicans.

While some states thoughtlessly set-free felons who pose public safety risks, Kentucky did not. Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton testified before a state legislative committee that recidivism rates, or the incidents of individuals recommitting crime, were meager.

For more information regarding released felons, watch the video: 

According to members of a task force of judges, public defenders, prosecutors, lawmakers, and law enforcement officers, 

gathered to handle COVID-19 difficulties, federal emergency funding should be utilized to expand technology, and preserve staff to pivot justice system processes to revive treatment, and virtual platforms options for mental health and addiction issues that have been limited or shuttered altogether due to coronavirus complications.

Congress will soon begin negotiations on another emergency relief package. This time it is likely to address liability protections for employers looking to get people back to work, resources for testing and contact tracing, and emergency funds for state and local government, including law enforcement and justice system first responders essential to ensuring public health and safety.

Any state and local government support should concentrate on the government’s essential function, the protection of public safety.

Congress should utilize this opportunity to lift up our law enforcement officials in jurisdictions that are finding logical solutions, prioritizing funding for jurisdictions that acted responsibly and quickly. This would be a proper “thank you” to law enforcement leaders exercising both courage and compassion, like those in my home Commonwealth of Kentucky, and would encourage other jurisdictions to follow in their footsteps.

“Defund the police.” 

It might get clicks and high ratings, but it is not a good policy. Congress should follow the American people’s lead and reject the dangerous and radical defund the police movement. 

Instead, lawmakers ought to use the purse’s power to incentivize productive practices and continue the good work we have seen in the states. 

Policemen and Policewomen risk their lives every day in service for the betterment of the community; these personnel has been empowered by the state to guarantee the safety of everyone, from safeguarding our health to ensuring us that we can go out with our prized possession confidently with reduced risk in getting robbed. 

These noble Americans who chose the people do not deserve to be scrutinized over a few bad apples. 

Why are there no articles every about perfectly carrying out their tasks in keeping society safer? 

When the last time the service of our Police received global attention? 

Most importantly, how come we tolerate negative and backward propaganda like this? We shouldn’t. 

Fund and defend the Police because they are the local heroes that keep us away from harm.