Full Body Cam Footage Leaked: George Floyd

Full Body Cam Footage Leaked: George Floyd
Image Screenshot From Daily Mail YouTube Video Below.

On the 4th of August, a partial footage featuring the body cam recording of the late George Floyd and the police officers was released. The video showed Floyd in a panicked state. He was behind a squad car, with a group of Minneapolis Police Officers.

A few minutes before he passed away, Floyd was heard saying, “I cannot breathe.”

After Floyd’s struggle, Officer Thomas Lane asked Officer Derek Chauvin if he wanted Floyd to be rolled onto his side. The video footage is heart-wrenching.

The actual incident 

Floyd died when he was under the custody of Minneapolis police officers on May 25th. The entire incident was captured in a body cam and went viral immediately after its release. Consequently, protests erupted throughout the country. Numerous intense discussions started on racism and how the Black community is treated in the US.

The footage released was from the body cameras worn by Officers J Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane.  The video footage was submitted at the court on the 7th of July and used as a plea for discharging the case. At the time, only a written transcript was shared with the public.

Judge Peter Cahill ensured that the video was only seen within the courtroom on the 17th of July. Judge Cahill had clearly forbidden the video footage from being disclosed. 

However, several media channels, including CNN, requested for the immediate release of the video and even went to the extent of filing a motion. 

The death of George Floyd caused the four Minneapolis police officers from getting dismissed from their role. Chauvin is charged with 2nd degree murder and the other three officers, Lane, Tou Thao and Kueng are arrested and charged for helping 2nd degree murder and manslaughter. 

With the release of the videos, it became apparent that George Floyd was not a threat to the police officers, and there was no need for them to brutally treat him “in the way” they did. 

Ben Crump, the attorney representing George Floyd quoted that his client didn’t pose any threat. He said, “Police officers drew near him, raised their guns only because he was Black.” The police officers disputed all the allegations of Crump. However, the video footage is enough to support Crump’s statement.

The Officers 

To date, the officers have yet to accept a plea. The lawyers representing Lane and Thao have asked their cases to be dismissed. Meanwhile, Kueng’s attorney quotes that his client is willing to plead “not” guilty. The case is still underway, and there are no details yet on how the three officers would be handled.

Judge Cahill has made no statement on the public release of the body cam footage. He is yet to make a statement if the footage can be shared openly or not.

Attorneys of Thao and Kueng refused to comment about the case. Even the attorneys of Lane and Chauvin are still not prepared to respond to the media or press. They have chosen to remain quiet about the case.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison expressed that he didn’t release the footage. He said, “The prosecution team is not the source of the leak.”