Fox News Poll Results are a Big Problem for Biden…

Fox News Poll Results are a Big Problem for Biden...
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Fox News
– The ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to a new Fox News poll showing high disapproval ratings for President on these three major issues

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This question goes out to the people that voted for the whispering weirdo: has resident Biden fulfilled his promises? If so, how?

Honestly, its insane. I am making more, shopping and going out less and yet I still struggle every month. My basic grocery bill has doubled in the last 5/6 months.

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YES ! Beijing Joe O’ Biden does have a REAL BIG Problem. He doesn’t know what he is saying or talking about , He is a HABITUAL LIAR , FRAUD , CON , THUG and a DEMENTIA Ridden PARASITE. He doesn’t Care anything about this COUNTRY , AMERICAN PEOPLE or the WORLD. He Only care about is what he Steal , Beribe and Cheat.


I wouldn’t listen or Believe anything this TRAITOR , LIAR , BACKSTABBER , FRAUD has to say about POTUS Donald J. Trump..Lol !

Red Sundown

This guy has handlers, not assistants.. He’s a warm-up guy for the ho and her following act..