Female Trump Supporter is Choked and Beaten at Women’s March in DC


Black Lives Matter mob attacked a Trump supporter campaigning for the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the new SCOTUS in Washington, D.C.

Republicans for National Renewal Outreach… Director Isabella DeLuca was assaulted, first by an elderly woman, which made her reluctant to defend herself. Yet, another woman came in to join in the beating.

The scenario happened during DeLuca’s advocacy in the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the high court, which sparked outrage from Black Lives Matter and far-left-leaning activists.

According to the National File, DeLuca’s recollection of the first offender is of an older female. 

“The first woman was a white older woman – she had glasses on, a glittery bedazzled Black Lives Matter shirt,” Deluca told the news outlet.

“She looked like she could’ve been my grandma, honestly,” she continued.

The older woman clutched DeLuca’s Trump flag and then punched and choked DeLuca in her attempt to grab it back.

DeLuca was kind enough to consider the older woman’s seemingly fragile condition that made her reluctant to physically assault her back, yet was determined to recover the Trump flag.

However, another woman, much younger, arrived and joined her older companion in beating DeLuca.

Later on, the leftists fled, leaving the pro-Trump supporter with extensive head and neck injuries, chapped and bloodied lips, and blurry vision and dizziness.

DeLuca’s bad condition got her hospitalized.

Breitbart News covered the protests and caught DeLuca waving a Trump flag, shouting “four more years” as a show of support to the president.

The assault happened during the Women’s March, an anti-Trump demonstration involved in various protests contradicting Barrett’s nomination to the SCOTUS.

Billionaire George Soros has long been funding the Women’s March, which received at least $246 million in early 2017.

The organization became controversial after its leadership bore the accusations of anti-Semitism.