Feinstein Opposes Bill Allowing Americans To Sue China

Feinstein Opposes Bill Allowing Americans To Sue China
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A question was asked from Fortune 500 companies, leaders in industries, Democrats, and even the world of entertainment — whether they are loyal to China or not. The whole world has given a common answer. Indeed, everyone seems to have some ties with China. In fact, the details were shared by a reputed Democratic leader. This adds an extra exclamation mark to the statement, which proclaims the influential nature of the Chinese market around the world. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if this “reach” is only going to get wider in the next few years. With the pandemic, it is even more certain that brands around the role are dependent, or rather, loyal to China. 

A senate judiciary committee hearing took place recently. The committee hearing was all about proposing a bill that gives Americans the liberty to sue members from the communist regime. This is in response to the irreversible damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The only person who chose to back Beijing was octogenarian Di Fi. This Californian was quite keen to defend China and its morals. She has worked with many other Democratic cohorts. She was also in line with Joe Biden, a presidential candidate for the upcoming November elections. Media news identifies Biden as someone who is supporting the world’s biggest abuser and violator of human rights.

Words of Senator Feinstein

Senator Feinstein said that China is a potential trading partner. According to her, the country has worked tirelessly and helped thousands—if not millions—of people come out of poverty. China has indeed changed the financial model and status of people around the world. Feinstein continued to quote that China has achieved so much within a short span of time. It has even helped countries change their status and financial equation in the world. 

The above words clearly prove who she is in favor off. Despite people eating with humiliating face masks and the economy of various nations, including the United States, on the ropes because of COVID-19, Feinstein has her priorities and loyalties.  

Feinstein makes use of the Washington Examiner to show her loyalty to China. She quotes China as a “Growing Respectable Nation”. She carefully states that it would be incorrect to sue China because of the pandemic. Senator Feinstein claims that the United States has more to lose if it decides to sue the country with the red flag.

A Spy from China 

Even before her post on the Washington Examiner, Feinstein was on the news after hiring a Chinese spy. The spy had been working for the Senate leader for nearly two decades. This must be considered as one of the biggest security scandals of the country. However, news about the spy didn’t spread, mainly because of the media propagandists maintained by the Chinese government within the country. 

Even as Feinstein became the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Chinese spy continued to work as her driver. It is believed that many important discussions were shared by the driver to the Chinese government. Details about the spy were uncovered exhaustively in the Politico Magazine.

This magazine is quite famous for its coverage on spies, who are found in the Silicon Valley and the government. Nearly five years ago, the FBI uncovered the presence of a Chinese spy in Feinstein’s system. When the senate leader was questioned about the spy, she was flummoxed. Soon, the mole was asked to retire. Feinstein then flaunted the move as something that she achieved with the help of the FBI. 

It is quite certain that the revelations made by Feinstein are just a few pieces of a bigger story. A considerable amount of the story was revealed in CBS San Francisco and the San Francisco Chronicle. 

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Feinstein had a relationship with a Chinese Spy.” The news quotes that the senate leader didn’t have any knowledge of the spy. 

These are simple facts that prove how corrupt and distrustful the Democratic Party is. Even with a series of controversial news reports, Feinstein is still a powerful senator. Even when she brought home a spy from China, Feinstein was still allowed to head the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

Most of this story concludes that many members of the government and leaders from the Silicon Valley are influenced and loyal to China.