Feds Bust Black Lives Matter Organizer for Blackmailing Local Businesses

Image credit to en.wikipedia.org. Image modified from original.

Madison’s riot was instigated by the detention of an organizer Devonere Johnson for ‘terrorizing’ a restaurant, which resulted in violence as statues were destroyed, and a Democrat state senator beaten.

The Feds had also caught Johnson for threatening businesses.

Prosecutors filed charges against the man whose arrest this week instigated destruction and violence in the city.

Devonere Johnson received charges from Scott Blader (U.S. Attorney), speculating that he blackmailed to break the windows of businesses downtown if their employees don’t give him money.

U.S Attorney Scott Blader also charged Johnson for threatening to destroy and shut down another business establishment if Johnson and his groupies were not provided with free drinks and food.

In a particular restaurant, Johnson entered the premises, carrying a boombox, and refusing to turn the volume down. The owner approached Johnson, telling him that the owner had donated money to support the Black Lives Matter movement after Johnson interrogated the owner for what the owner had done for the local community.

At the end of the dialogue between Johnson and the restaurant owner, Johnson resorted to threatening the owner: “give me money, or we’ll break the windows.”

Johnson also broke into a bar, demanding free drinks and food, or else the bar would be “marked,” according to the complaint.

“You don’t want 600 people to come here and destroy your business and burn it down. The cops are on our side,” as outlined by the complaint, which included interviews with the bar owner regarding what Johnson allegedly said. “You notice that when you call them, nothing happens to us.”

Even Sharpton was smoother than that. But in the BLM kneeling age, Johnson thought he could get away with everything.

Also known as Yeshua Musa, Johnson is a Madison activist who had been present at every protest following George Floyd’s death.

Johnson was arrested outside a Capitol square restaurant on Tuesday after he brought a bullhorn and a baseball bat into the tavern after terrorizing customers.

The arrest inspired hundreds to march into Madison’s downtown streets to release Johnson from jail. The protests quickly took a violent turn. The protesters armed themselves as they entered a private condo building, coercing a driver outside of a car, and injuring at least two people, including a state senator.

Johnson appears to have been BLM identified.

Johnson has attended almost every Madison’s Black Lives Matter protests. He has spoken with News 3 Now about wanting to arrange a meeting to talk with Interim Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl.

And yes, they all pulled the “I can’t breathe” act as well.

In a clip on social media outlets of his arrest, Johnson can be heard chanting, “I can’t breathe” and wondering why he’s being arrested.

While Johnson has no open cases against him, he has been convicted or pleaded guilty at least three times, including for felony theft, according to the court documents and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

According to the Journal Sentinel, felony theft charges from 2016 involved him and three others to a hostage of two men, as they had planned to rob cellphones at gunpoint, stealing their phones and shooting them. The judge of his case dismissed the armed robbery charge, and he was sentenced to five years of probation.

According to the Star Tribune, Johnson was also acquitted of felony first-degree assault charges in 2015 in a shooting that resulted in a Minnesota bus passenger paralyzed.

The violence was fueled by a run-in between Johnson and a man identified only as “L.G.,” who had a previous connection with Johnson’s girlfriend, according to Tribune in 2015.

The two started to throw a fit, and a witness said to the police L.G. at one point put Johnson in a headlock, according to the report. Johnson allegedly told L.G. to stop, and said, “Let me go, or I’m going to shoot you,” outlined by a witness from Tribune. The fight, and Johnson’s alleged threats, were captured on video.

L.G. was reportedly shot in the neck and was paralyzed from his neck down. A jury later acquitted Johnson.

I’m guessing the man he shot has some trouble breathing. Local courts failed to hold him accountable. Let’s hope the Feds can bring some law and order into his life.