Feds Are Probing Funders And Organizers Of The Violence

Feds Are Probing Funders And Organizers Of The Violence
Image Screenshot From Fox News YouTube Video Below.

America continually suffers rocky grounds as endless acts of violence and riots leave the country in an awful state of anarchy.

Finally, the Justice Department hopped into play and began investigating the far-left riots’ funders and organizers.

Chad Wolf, the acting Secretary for Homeland Security, revealed the news, and commented, “We are on a serious lookout for organizations and individuals who are splurging tons of money on these rioters. We are deep-toed in the investigation. Our target is crystal clear. The mobs are moving to the country’s lengths and breadth, stirring up peace and law everywhere in America. Of course, there has to be an inflow of funds to execute these acts of barbarism.”

Wolf was in talks with Fox News’s popular host Tucker Carlson on Monday. He spoke of a lot of essential things. “Only if I had the power to rush and bag-in quick intel. Unfortunately, it is imperative to get into the brass tacks, and such investigation takes up time.” Our president is pretty much dead-set to find about the individuals accountable.

The probing analysis covers all angles. Wolf commented that he indulged in a serious discussion with Bill Barr, the Attorney General. There were quite a few individuals hugely responsible for the brutality and scuffle in Portland.

Portland puts up with almost four straight months of violence, riots, loots, and murders. Assumptions are that the people stirring up anarchy in Portland parts have certainly moved elsewhere to stomp the grounds of the next state with violence and barbarism.

We have watched them play their cards in D.C., Sacramento, and they have the same manner of violence and riots. They are impressively organized, and their tricks and acts are similar in fashion, whether in Portland, Washington, or the other cities.

Chad commended that his department is working round the clock to wind up the investigation quickly. ‘We are working hand-in-hand with the FBI and DOJ in their share of investigation and probe.’

Little do people know that a huge group of skilled investigators is deployed to dig the dirt and figure out the real source of funding. Whatever information Homeland Security uncovers gets passed to the FBI without delay. The same information is also provided to skilled criminal investigators on the field who perform their job excellently. All investigating departments in the country are in it together.

Just a while back, some Republican Party members, also known as the ‘Grand Old Party,’ discussed issues of nationwide riots. Every nitty-gritty was looked into. Senator of Kentucky, Rand Paul, Senator of Colorado, Ken Buck, and a handful of other eminent members pressured the Department of Justice to come into play.

It is essential to trace and figure out where the money comes from. The pandemic is crippling enough, and the riots, murders, and violence add up in the nation’s burdens. Someone must be funding the insurgencies, and it is quintessential to track down the root immediately.

The vicious people hired to cause anarchy in the country must be pinned down and taken into custody at the earliest. Thousands of people already suffer. There are protests, none of which are peaceful, while law and order of states are up for a toss.

The Department of Justice must act right away. Investigate, probe, question, and get to the real source of funding, claimed the concerned GOP members. Once the funds are out, it will help avert the crisis and stop the country from continually burning.