Fed-up motorist and black-clad militant pull guns on each other


The small city of Oregon has been heated up for quite some time. A few days ago, there was another incident with the leftists. In various parts of the city, people were able to see Portland militants staging their very own riots. Indeed, this made the situation in the region tense and worrying. Some claim that these were ways used by the Portland militants to showcase their solidarity to the rest of the world. But does this actually make a difference? What exactly happened?

The Actual Incident, to begin with!

First things first, the incident was witnessed by many residents in the small region of Oregon. On Saturday night, nearly hundreds made their presence felt at Eugene. In less than two short hours, nearly 177,000 residents had gathered at the venue. In a short span of time, the situation became intense and troublesome. Those gathered lit fireworks at both the federal courthouse and the county jail. This was when employees were trapped inside businesses and many of them attacked. The above report was captured and released by Fox News. According to the report, the situation on Saturday night was very bad for a small town in Portland.

By the end of the incident, one juvenile and seven adults were arrested by police officers. The Fox News Network also claimed that a group of teenagers who were believed to be anti-capitalist and anti-fascist had started to collect money. The funds were collected for those who were arrested. Even though the Portland riots continued, these teens were adamant to prove their point. Later, the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front used its unverified account to spread tweets. These tweets were directed towards mobile users. The users were advised to make use of Venmo and make payments. Once again, the funds were collected for bail.

The tweeted message read, “Seven anti-fascists have been arrested in Eugene, Oregon, during the Portland rally. Let’s help bail them!” The amount requested by the youth team was $5, $100, or more!

More from Fox News Network

Throughout Saturday Night, the streets of Eugene were tense a many events happened one after the other. For instance, crowds started to block the roads. In fact, a man was stopped from passing by. He was believed to be travelling in a pickup truck. Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist, documented these incidents. Andy made headlines when he was attacked by Far Left Militant Members last summer. The previous incident had sent Andy to the hospital.

When crowds started to surround the pickup truck, the driver didn’t hesitate to open his door. But this time, there was a little surprise waiting for everyone at his door. The driver had a handgun pointed towards a police officer, who wore a helmet and was dressed in a black T-shirt. Meanwhile, the polic officer at the vehicle door also held a gun. This time, the gun was pointed directly at the driver in the vehicle. This video went viral. At the moment, the video features nearly 1.6 million views. Undeniably, the number of views for this video is only going to grow.

Fox News is unclear if one of the members in the video was amongst those arrested. These details are yet to be unveiled.

The Counter Protestors, and their exit

Police officers reveal that counter protestors left the venue before 10 PM. Almost 300 counter protestors showed up at the venue. Nearly 100 of them had dispersed before 10 PM. The show was quick and intense. One major reason behind these incidents would be the absence of Federal Law Enforcement in Eugene. Unlike the main city of Portland, Eugene doesn’t seem to be completely under control — or at the very least, doesn’t dance to the tunes of the Federal Law. This is why local police officials are maintaining a sharp distance. In fact, drones are used in different parts of Eugene to monitor crowds. Most of the time, police officers inspect the drone videos before stepping into action and trying to stop any violence in the region. This could be why the incident in Eugene almost got out of hand!