Fauci says “serious threats” have been made against him and his wife and daughters

Fauci says “serious threats” have been made against him and his wife and daughters
Fauci says “serious threats” have been made against him and his wife and daughters

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the current Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. He has played a crucial role in this field of work for several decades. To be more precise, he has contributed earnestly to this domain for nearly thirty years, or perhaps even more. Over the years, he has seen many tough situations, and has even overcome them successfully. However, the current situation has not been great for Dr. Fauci. He is trapped in the midst of public health issues. Experts consider this as a “crisis” over ordinary issues. Some of the earliest and the most taxing crises handled by Dr. Fauci would be the AIDS epidemic and SARS. Now, he is facing the rift of COVID-19, which is definitely changing the way the world works.

In one of his recent interviews with CNN, Dr. Fauci revealed just how big the magnitude of COVID-19 really is. When compared to many other pandemics, the world has taken COVID-19 in a much different way. As a result, his roles and responsibilities are being criticized. Unlike the previous pandemics, his family and he, himself, are now receiving serious threats. This has got Dr. Fauci worried about what else could happen because of the uncontrollable COVID-19.

The Axe Files

“The Axe Files” is a podcast by David Axelrod of CNN. During the podcast, Dr. Fauci was puzzled with many questions and opinions. Within a short span of time, Dr. Fauci made many revelations. Most of these revelations moved the listeners. Axelrod quizzed the doctor on how and why he has become a target. He also quizzed Dr. Fauci on how people have reacted with him in person. Axelrod stressed the fact that both good men and women are suffering because of the pandemic. It has brought economic changes, for the worse. As a result, people are angry and troubled.

Dr. Fauci did not deny these claims. In fact, he acknowledged that the society is vulnerable, and that the reasons are rather understandable. Unfortunately, the climate around COVID-19 is very disturbing. During the early days of HIV, Dr. Fauci was criticized badly with multiple hate emails. Soon, people started to identify him as a “Gay Lover”. In fact, many people questioned him on why he was willing to waste oodles of time and effort on HIV. The bad talks, traumas, and angry emails didn’t stop for a good amount of time. Dr. Fauci was able to work, because he had the mindset to push stupid talks and irrelevant people away. After all, don’t stupid people always say stupid things?

The Present Situation is Different

Meanwhile, times have changed. COVID-19 is not an HIV pandemic. It has gone much beyond that. At least, in the hearts and minds of people, COVID-19 is a bigger villain. This is why the magnitude of anger has increased by leaps and bounds. More and more people are worried about when and how COVID-19 can be controlled.

Dr. Fauci says that many people think of him as a “hero”, but as a professional, he pronounces these thoughts as invalid. He is not a hero, but a simple man who is trying to get his job done. People are often angry with Dr. Fauci because they believe that he is planning to interfere and change their lives. In simpler terms, they consider Dr. Fauci as someone pushing many public health items into their agenda.

The kind of hate and the seriousness of the threats are no longer healthy or good.

 Security changes

Axelrod questioned Dr. Fauci on the level of security changes he has made.

Dr. Fauci said that he and his family were offered security. By the end of April, the Department of Justice improved the level of security given to Dr. Fauci, mainly because of the threats made. A request for improvements was made by the Health and Human Services Inspector General.

The another interview

On another occasion, Dr. Fauci identified the COVID-19 pandemic as a discreet reflection of how divided our society is, at least in political ways. Shutting down the economy has many negative consequences. This is why the country is trying to reopen. Meanwhile, it is also trying to come up with measures that would keep everyone safe. These are changes Dr. Fauci intends to achieve in a measured fashion. Unfortunately, process towards change is always challenging.