Father of Son Killed in CHOP Is Suing For $3 Billion

Father of Son Killed in CHOP Is Suing For $3 Billion
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We all know that in early June, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan introduced the “Police-free zone” in her city to ensure a safe way for anarchists to take over a piece of real estate, which she took an oath to protect. We also knew at that point in time that bad things would definitely happen.

Human nature has once again proven correct that it is not that easy to change. We could see it pretty quickly in Seattle.

The so-called “CHOP” zone of Seattle quickly turned into a center of lawlessness, depravity, and murder. The father of one of the innocent souls killed inside the zone wants the Democratic leaders, who have turned their city into a total mess and safe haven for the criminals, to take responsibility of his son’s murder. As usual, the Democrats turned their back to him.

The father is suing the city, the King County, and the State of Washington for $1 billion each, according to the report of Epoch Times.

Lorenzo Anderson, the 19-year-old teenager, was killed on June 20 at exactly 2:20 AM.

The City officials tolerated the notorious zone called “CHOP” for several weeks before finally shutting it down on July 1, following the murders of Anderson and another black man.

Horace Anderson, the father of late Lorenzo Anderson, is being represented by Evan Oshan of Oshan & Associates. The lawyer told Epoch Times that lawlessness in that particular zone made the deaths inevitable.

When Epoch Times asked for a statement from the city official, a city spokesperson clearly stated to Epoch Times that they were not able to make any comments on the pending claims and litigation.

According to Evan, there was neither safety nor security. The entire region was completely abandoned and the teenage boy Anderson was put in a dangerous situation. The death was predictable, and it could have been prevented.

One of the three lawsuits stated that the state abandoned the zone without any proper plan to provide essential service such as protection, and that created the danger. Following the shooting incident, the state failed to provide any sort of medial assistance to Lorenzo Anderson, despite knowing that he was in urgent need of medical support. He eventually died where he was shot.

At the time, then-Police Chief Carmen Best warned the city officials that crime rate was surging up in the CHOP zone. The police officers could not get to the spot in a timely manner because they were fought and impeded by the BLM supporters and the left-wing rioters and criminals.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr., 50, appeared on the Hannity show and claimed the police and Seattle Mayor Jerry Durkin had not said anything about his son’s death on June 20.

Someone else had come to Anderson’s door and inform him of his son’s death, the emotional father said to Sean Hannity on the show.

Following a week of violent clashes and stand offs between police officers and rioters — with the Police using the tear gases and pepper sprays, and the rioters using stones and bottles — the Seattle Police Department were able to clear the Capitol Hill area in a strong effort to de-escalate the whole situation of violence and crimes.

Horace told the New York Times that he just wants to see justice for his son. He also noted that arrests had not yet been made for his son’s murder.