Was a Father Jailed for Using Child’s Wrong Gender Pronoun?

The world has changed so much that today, you can go to jail for referring to your female biological child as your daughter.

You may ask, “What?”

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Robert Hoogland, a Canadian citizen who was jailed for calling his female child his daughter.

On March 4, 2021, Judge Tammen issued a warrant of arrest for Hoogland, who referred to his daughter using the pronouns “she” and “her.”

Hoogland’s child is a 16-year-old non-conforming, biological female who prefers the use of masculine pronouns. Despite the court forbidding feminine pronouns to refer to his child, the father still did so.

As a father, Hoogland has made it clear that he is against his child undergoing “gender affirmative” medical procedures. This “gender transition” began when his child was 14, and it was the school and the state who encouraged it.

The school “socially transitioned” the child after a consultation with Dr. Wallace Wong, who suggested that the child take testosterone.

Because he ignored the court’s order and still referred to his child as feminine, he was found in contempt of court, arrested, and jailed.

“I will not accept the government telling me what I have to do with my own children,” said Jack Murphy as he commented on the issue. “I will not accept the government forcing me to use particular words when in my own home dealing with my own child.”

“Standing up for what is right in a time of chaos takes insane courage. Kudos to that man for having the fortitude to stand up for what he believes is right” continued Murphy.

The controversial Bill C-16 is what made this possible. Will Hoogland get the justice he deserves, or will he stay in jail for up to five years?

Here’s Murphy with Elijah Schaffer on Blaze TV’s show Slightly Offensive talking about this issue:

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charles wilkins

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Malcoln X,“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man. 

Omega 2



I left Canada in 1949 when I saw the shadow of socialism creeping over the land. Unfortunately it has caught up with me in what used to be America, land of the Free. I’m too old to move now and besides that, there is nowhere else to go.Are there enough believers in freedom to shake off the yolk before it strangles them. I hope so. the sleeping giant is slow to wake up. I hope not too slow.


Grace, we’re of the same generation and ‘we’ know the difference. It used to be the slow creep of socialism,but now it’s in full blown overdrive. I’m not sure we can make a come back. The kids today are not taught real history, and they have been led to believe that they are owed a living. Just keep praying they will wake up and smell the coffee…and not a latte’. Good Luck to you and yours, just hang on and hang in, the ride will be bumpy.

Trending 2

So who turned the father into the speech police? I assume it was his daughter…or whatever IT is called these days. Marxists do not subscribe to the family unit. Loyalty is only for the commune and you may not even know which of them is your father.


Even the birds and the bees think we “humans” have flipped.


If you want to keep your sanity – watch U tube video by Fr. William Kosco, of Henry Parish, Buckeye Arizonia. “The voice of one crying in the wilderness”.- there is still hope.


Lock and Load………We have to exterminate these crazy M’Fer’s and I mean NOW!
This is beyond the pale of common sense. The Devil is at play and I haven’t been to church since Vietnam….I am going to start now!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Real American people with a functional mind stand with me.

Donald Nicholas

Stupid to the power of 10! Canada’s laws reminds us that the freedom of speech isn’t a universal freedom.


How Long…????