Fatal Shooting As BLM And Trump Supporters Clash

Fatal Shooting As BLM And Trump Supporters Clash
Image Screenshot From Ian Miles Cheong Twitter Post Below.

A dark night met Portland, Oregon, on Saturday as a man was shot and assassinated. Hostilities between the supporters of Trump and protesters for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ was burgeoning. The Republicans and the Democrats didn’t waste much time before kick-starting their blame games—each wing, accusing the other of the unrest and violence in the city.

Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, slammed the President. He made serious accusations against Trump for promoting the acts of violence that converted Portland into a burning hell in just one night.

Trump took to Twitter and condemned the mayor for his lack of ability to control the hostilities in his region. Ted certainly did not turn a deaf’s ear to the remarks. He went ahead and tweeted, ‘What the country needs to do now is put a grinding halt to your days of the ruling. You acts are nothing but baneful fuel to the fire, causing more anarchy than ever.’

Twitter was flooded with videos and visuals, showing how a truck full of Republican supporters were hurling pepper sprays, and blasting off paintballs on the protesters. Mayor Ted Wheeler retweeted the footage.

The police authorities’ investigation has not been concluded yet as the man who was murdered was shot around 9 PM. The victim is, however, to be identified, and the police authorities still need to probe.

Few people witnessed the incident. The witnesses did state that the victim donned a hat crested with the prayer of the patriot. Videos of the man being pinned down and shot went viral on various social media platforms.

Protests are common in Portland. Ever since the homicide of George Floyd, riots spanned from Minneapolis to Portland.

Vandalism and anarchy roll in full swing in all corners of the country, and Portland is no different. A multitude of people has already been arrested for causing riots, killings, and lootings.

Activists of Black Lives Matter and Pro-Trump supporters discorded and clashed heinously, while the man was shot amid the chaos. The police did state that hundreds of vehicle paved its way through downtown Portland.

A common thing in all these vehicles – the cars were either crested with Pro-Trump logos or people waving American flags. The videos were out in no time. To this, Trump tweeted “Proud Patriots At Heart.”

The week has been loud. On one side, there were demonstrators, mustering and protesting in Kenosha. On the other hand, the brawl and confrontation in Portland came as a big blow.

President Trump took to a tweetstorm after the outbreak in Portland. He went on to say that the Democratic leaders are failing to reign in their jurisdiction and cities.

What good is a leader if he cannot ward off the riots in his state or city? The National Guards always need to rescue.

Chad Wolf, head of homeland securities, commented that all cards are laid on the table. According to Ron Johnson, committee chair for the homeland security and a Republican Senator, “To reign over an overwhelming number of rioters, you need to scale up your manpower, resources, and skilled soldiers. With the National Guard in action, peace will be restored at the earliest.”

Donald Trump expressed his concerns regarding the incompetency of the Portland Mayor. Backlash and lawlessness for over 95 days is a lot to suffer. Does he have any idea about the role of a Mayor? Well, the safety of the people of Portland is certainly up for a toss.

The National Guards must step in.