Fake Cop Shooting – Then Chaos In Minneapolis Again

Fake Cop Shooting - Then Chaos In Minneapolis Again
Image Screenshot From YouTube Video Below.

It has been months since George Floyd’s death, but the country is still caught in the storm that ensued. “Black Lives Matter” protests have been more rampant than ever, and America is witnessing anarchy in full swing.

Every nook and corner of the country is plagued with unrest.

By the beginning of summer, Minneapolis was burning.

Every American has watched the video. George Floyd’s death was devastating. It is sad, outrageous, and unfortunate, but the incident sparked fury and resentment in a lot of people.

Violence, riots, and murders — the nation has been in unrest since then. Buildings have been burned to ashes. Public properties have been demolished. People have been killed. Looting and robbing have become everyday occurrences. Frankly, the list of destruction caused is devastating.

Torching the city you live in — does that make any sense? Aren’t you burning your own homes, too?

Minneapolis is again in the limelight this week. The city certainly never fails to prove that the riots are not over. The anguished rebels looted a huge number of businesses and shops. The city is burning, and crime is more rampant than ever.

This time, there was no real reason to kick-start the anarchy. Of course, the news has been doing the rounds. One more black man knocked down and dead. Were the police involved? Yes!

But this time, the black man pulled the trigger on his own. Why? Because the police were chasing him. He was a prime suspect of violent incidents and shootings in the past.

Arresting a criminal — is that an offense or something that the authorities should not do? It seems the rebels in Minneapolis have some thinking to do.

What really happened? The ground reality!

A man who was suspected of being an active part of heinous crimes and shootings in the past was tracked down by the police. He was on foot, strolling around the Nicollet Mall at about 6 in the evening. The mall is located between the 8th and 9th Street.

The officers got a hint that he was around. Obviously, they started approaching the suspect. He pulled a handgun out of nowhere and shot himself.

Who needs paparazzi when smartphones are in everyone’s hands? People took to live streaming and plaguing social media platforms with umpteen videos? Of course, they tried to set the stage and manipulate what really happened. The videos were shot in a way which showed the police officials on duty shot and pinned him down.

This is undoubtedly not the true story. Elder commented, “The stories going viral are false. We have access to surveillance videos that backs-up our version of the incident.”

When the officers were cordoning him, he was desperate for an escape route and headed towards the doorway. Bolting out from a mall is not easy. When he realized that there was no room to escape, he took out a handgun and positioned it, right under his chin. That’s it.

He popped the gun and shot himself. End of story. There are surveillance cameras throughout the mall. The footage is enough to spill the truth.

But it seems the truth may not matter in Minneapolis. Robberies and riots have taken a jump-start already.

To restore peace, law, and order in Minneapolis, Governor Tim Walz did not wait for the city to be totally destroyed. He ordered the National Guard to come and deal with the unrest in Downtown Minneapolis.

Authorities claimed that the residents had already taken to protests by then — all based on a piece of misinformation. People dit not want to know the truth. It was not a homicide. Rather, the man shot himself. It was plain and simple suicide.

Walz, the Democratic Governor in action, declared a peacetime emergency in the city. The National Guard was mobilized and troops were sent out to restore order and rule out anarchy. Governor Tim tweeted for the people of Minneapolis, “Let’s take the high-road and settle for peace. It is time to recover and build the city again from the ashes. Any form of lawlessness and acts of violence will now be reckoned as a felony. Restoration is a need of the hour.

The State Patrol will help us bring back law and order in the city of Minneapolis. Just take some time a moment and think — is anarchy doing any good for anyone? Americans are suffering. How much more can we all succumb to?”